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28 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Chicken feet makeup sponge holders, pleasure wands, bed laptop trays, and 25 other favorite products from our recent posts.

1. An illustrated guide on how to support your loved ones in their moments of need.

2. Cheeky car mirror decals that keep it real, because life is nothing but a car race.

Promising review: "They look good and are funny conversation starters when people ride in my car or notice them in the parking lot." —Levi

3. Questionably cute pastel chicken legs to plop your makeup sponges in when they're not blending your makeup to perfection.

4. An adjustable laptop desk that basically gives you, a sloth person, a lifetime excuse to never leave your bed.

Yay beds! Yay endless hours of YouTube! Um, what do you mean by "it's already 3 a.m." and "go TF to sleep?"

"I hate leaving my bed and I *need* to have a sturdy surface to work (or watch YouTube) on, so this desk solves everything. Better yet, I can snuggle underneath my blanket and wiggle my legs around whenever they start to fall asleep. I usually use it flat, but you can also elevate the desk (there are different notches for your preferred angle and a removable wooden ledge to prevent your laptop from avalanching onto your chest). When I’m not using the desk, I just pop it underneath my bed. I could literally wake up and scoop up my desk in seconds, and thus live my best life." —Sarah Han

Read the full review here (#1)!

5. Fluffy white cleansing foam formulated with volcanic clusters from Jeju Island to deep clean your oilest, clogged pores.

Promising review: "My face feels clean after each use, and I have been getting compliments on my skin. I have never been told that I have good skin until after I used this for several months. I highly recommend and I also love the free samples that come with the wash." —Jenn

6. A personal "sound grenade" that emits ambulance-level noise when you pull the pin off the top.

7. A super resourceful cookbook conceived for people living on food stamps, but relevant for anyone who wants to whip up healthy, delicious recipes on a strict budget.

8. A glass pleasure wand that will definitely hit the (G-) spot.

9. A pair of headlight cleaner wipes for rubbing grime away and leaving your lights polished and like-brand-new.

10. Mini kitten post-its that turn reading and staying organized into all-out cute affairs.

Eight designs x 30 per design = 240 total post-its.

Promising review: "Only took a week to get them and they are cute, cute, cute! I kept them in the plastic that they came in and keep them next to my reading chair. I saved some for my checkbook and I'm using the rest as bookmarks, but I'm also trying to include them on correspondence so I can show them off! There's about an inch to write on, in case you are using them for notes too. Each of the eight designs is unique, and the adhesive is what you would expect from similar products that aren't as cute!" —FLSTCKT

11. A rose gold 10-piece makeup brush set for an affordable dupe to the Instagram-famous Artis brushes (...that cost a whopping $500).

Promising review: "I generally shy away from using beautyblenders and brushes because the ones that I've tried seemed to soak up my foundation and the coverage often looked uneven — but that was not my experience with these at all. Of course these brushes do absorb a *little bit* of your makeup, but nowhere near as much as the ones I've used before, and they blend my foundation beautifully. They're also nice to look at and feel very soft against the skin." —Melanie

12. An effective spot remover that harnesses the power to make your toughest stains disappear without a fight.

Promising review: "I always felt relatively comfortable in my ability to deal with stains...until I accidentally washed a pen full of ink that had no intention of getting out. A friend who works at a craft store said her customers and co-workers constantly recommend this, so I gave it a shot. Five to ten minutes of soaking and a good follow-up wash gets out most stains the first time around, and any remaining stains are easier to deal with. This is the very best stain remover I've tried." —Emily J. Morris

13. A compact trash bag with an adjustable velcro strap to hang around headrests or stick shifts, as well as a velcro bottom that disposes trash with one swift rip.

Promising review: "It holds a good amount of trash, so I just empty it weekly during one of my stops to get gas. My car is clean without an unsightly grocery store bag hanging around. This is professional and functional." —tess

14. Ultra-soft microfiber makeup remover cloths that oh-so-easily take off (waterproof!) makeup with just water (gasp!) and a few gentle scrubs.

Available in pink, black, and purple.

Promising review: "My 15-year-old daughter has extremely sensitive skin and we have gone through dozens of cleansers looking for something that will keep her skin clear and not cause burning and redness. We have found our miracle product in this cloth. She and I both use them and we are thrilled with the results. No irritation and smooth, beautiful skin. My routine is also much simpler now — I just wet the cloth with warm water and wipe off my makeup and the day's dirt. I follow up with a light moisturizer and then I'm done. I just throw the cloth in the wash to clean — really easy. " —Kitty M. Holdaway

15. A 42-pack of colorful, flexible curling rods to give your hair some va-va-voom without any heat damage.

Promising review: "The various sizes of the rods let me create numerous hairstyles that make it look like I own several different-sized curling irons. I use them on my hair when it's wet and then sit under the dryer, or I use them after heat-treated styling to hold or increase the curls until I'm ready to go to whatever special occasion I did my hair for. The carrying case is super convenient and means these are the first items in my toiletry bag whenever I travel. I've used them several times and they seem very durable, like they will last a while through heavy uses." —BKmarie

16. A powerful 16-ft cord handheld vacuum that sucks up pet hair and debris like no one's business.

Promising review: "I have a German Shepard and a Husky who both shed their weight in fur every day. I was tired of taking my Shark vacuum up and down the stairs with all its attachments. Though I really had my heart set on a cordless one, the reviews for those were less than stellar, so I took a chance on this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser and I'm glad I did. This little vacuum is AMAZING. This thing even picked up the hair the Shark left behind! I also use it for our comforters and couches. " —cynthia010

17. A velcro-bottomed folding organizer you can stash in your car trunk without the fear of it slipping around everywhere.

18. A beauty sample box that covers allll of your personal care essentials and gives you an equivalent amount of credit ($11.99) for your next purchase.

Promising review: "I don't want to waste money on full-priced items that either I won't end up using entirely or wouldn't work for me in the first place, so I love that Amazon puts all these neat items together (and clearly shows how big/small the samples are). You can also see eligible items for the credit you receive with the box, so check those out before buying. I subscribe to many other beauty boxes, but I really think *this* sample box is worth the money." —lilmissgrumpypants

19. A pair of car hooks to clip onto your headrest so your purses (and other belongings) stay off of the dirty car floor.

20. A deep-cleaning brush duo that does the job much better than the raggedy toothbrushes you keep in your cleaning kit.

Promising review: "A big step up from toothbrushes, which I have used for many years prior to buying these. Key improvements include: angled handles that get your hands out of the way and are bigger and grippier than a toothbrush, stiff bristles on the larger brush that are great for heavy scrubbing (without scratching anything), and both ends of the smaller brush (tapered, softer bristles on one and a rubber nub on the other) that are surprisingly good for cleaning in tight areas." —jfb

21. A 27-sheet set of decorative line and dot stickers for journaling with a little cheer and flair.

Promising review: "Got these for my bullet journal instead of washi tape. The pages come pre-cut with two narrow width strips (about 1/4" wide), two wider strips (about 1/2" wide), and three or four dots per sheet. These feel like paper tape, not like traditional masking tape with that bumpy texture, so it's great for writing and the ink soaks in pretty quickly, so no smearing. The variety in sheet designs includes a bit of everything: dots, stripes, checks. I'm loving them." —Lisa S.

22. A waterproof backseat cover to keep your car clean from your pet's dirt, dander, and unruly hair.

23. Handy tissue dispensers that slide right over your overhead visors or backseat pockets for easy booger cleanup.

24. Fragrance-free eye repair cream to help repair your most delicate skin and reduce dark circles/puffiness.

25. A small 12-volt vacuum that plugs straight into your dash and has a slim nozzle that gets into every crevice of your car.

Promising review: "Cheap price that does the JOB. The cord is long enough that if it's plugged in on your dash, it'll still reach the backseat (in an SUV). This is a car-with-kids must. Sucked up goldfish and raisin piles in carseats, and most of the crumbs and sand on the car floor. Perfect for quick clean-ups!" —Erin

26. Speaking of vacuum technology, a sexy-time toy equipped with 11 programs and powerful suction capabilities that'll get you to orgasm in no time.

27. A tiny double-ended duster and brush tool for cleaning the tiniest of vents, keyboards, and other hard-to-access spots.

28. And a pair of silicone makeup sponges to end unwanted goodbyes with wasted makeup absorbed by regular brushes and sponges.

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