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    The Squatty Potty Will Help You Poop Better, Prevent Hemorrhoids, Reduce Constipation — And It's 39% Off

    The Squatty Potty is part of Amazon Canada's Boxing Week deals — you're gonna want to add it to your ever-growing cart.

    Boxing Week, the day when 🇨🇦 Amazon Canada 🇨🇦 has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME, is here!

    And we wanted to tell you about the bestselling Squatty Potty, a product that is 39% off and dubbed by reviewers as a 👏"game-changer when it comes to pooping" 👏.

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    How does it work? The Squatty Potty makes it easier and faster to do your poopin' by helping your body mimic a squatting position while you sit on the toilet.

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    Time for an anatomy lesson: The puborectalis (a u-shaped muscle that wraps around the rectum) is one of the bodily functions that stops you from pooping yourself. When you're sitting at a 90-degree angle — as one does on a Western-style toilet — the puborectalis is still in a position that restricts the poo pathway. On the other hand, squat toilets (which are common in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries) put you in the best position to get your bowels moving, as you squat over the toilet in a position that relaxes the puborectalis.

    The Squatty Potty allows you to replicate the experience of a squat toilet on a Western-style toilet. Pooping with the stool beneath your feet helps you position your body so that the puborectalis loosens its hold on the rectum and allows the rectal passageway to relax and open.

    Read BuzzFeed's full guide on the Squatty Potty for more details!

    How do you use it? It's pretty simple: Just sit on the toilet, pull the Squatty Potty out, stick your feet on it, lean over, and poop! And while you're still leaning over, reach back and do your wiping.

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    The squatting position spreads your cheeks and exposes the perianal area (the skin around your anus) so you'll have easy access to get your bum nice and clean.

    Over 6,500 Canadians are just as obsessed as we are, leaving it a 🌟 5-star rating 🌟 !

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    The Squatty Potty is medically proven improve your colon health and will help with symptoms like hemorrhoids, constipation, and bloating. Reviewers say it has helped them 💩eliminate waste💩 without straining and they are spending WAY less time in the toilet than they did before they got one.

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    Another reviewer said their bowel movements have gone from being extremely irregular to regular. All thanks to the Squatty Potty!

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    They mentioned they even tried propping their feet up on shoeboxes or paint cans to get the same effect, but it didn't come close.

    While the Squatty Potty is usually $29.99, it's currently on sale for $18.40! That's 39% off! So get it now before it sells out. Thank you, Boxing Day!

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