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    Got A Squatty Potty For Christmas? Here's What You Need To Know

    This stool can help you poop faster without straining, which is especially helpful for people who get hemorrhoids.

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    If you're reading this, it's probably because you found a Squatty Potty under your Christmas tree. You. Lucky. Dog.

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    In Western countries, most of us are used to doing our business while sitting on — not squatting over — a toilet. If that's true for you, I'm here to tell you that you've been pooping wrong your entire life. The Squatty Potty is designed to correct that.

    Here's everything you need to know about using a Squatty Potty, and why it's actually an awesome gift to have received:

    1. The Squatty Potty wraps around your toilet and puts your body in a better position to poop.

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    Time for an anatomy lesson: The puborectalis (a u-shaped muscle that wraps around the rectum) is one of the bodily functions that stops you from pooping yourself. When you're sitting at a 90-degree angle — as one does on a Western-style toilet — the puborectalis is still in a position that restricts the poo pathway. On the other hand, squat toilets (which are common in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries) put you in the best position to get your bowels moving, as you squat over the toilet in a position that relaxes the puborectalis.

    The Squatty Potty allows you to replicate the experience of a squat toilet on a Western-style toilet. Pooping with the stool beneath your feet helps you position your body so that the puborectalis loosens its hold on the rectum and allows the rectal passageway to relax and open.

    2. It's possible that using a Squatty Potty can help prevent hemorrhoids.

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    There aren't many studies on the health impacts of using a Squatty Potty, but physicians have argued that allowing more room for poop to pass through the anorectal canal means less straining, which means fewer hemorrhoids.

    Even if you don't get hemorrhoids, having a Squatty Potty will definitely speed up the pooping process which, everyone can appreciate.

    3. Using the Squatty Potty is pretty simple: Just sit on the toilet, pull the stool out, stick your feet on it, lean over, and poop!

    There's no more sitting back and relaxing when it comes to doing your daily dookie. You need to bare down on your heels and lean forward to get your hips at an acute angle.

    4. And while you're still leaning over, reach back and do your wiping. / Via

    The squatting position spreads your cheeks and exposes the perianal area (the skin around your anus) so you'll have easy access to get your bum nice and clean.

    5. You can clean your Squatty Potty with the same product you use on your toilet.

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    Just apply a few drops of toilet bowl cleaner to a soft, clean rag and wipe the stool down.

    6. Literally everyone can (and should!) use a Squatty Potty, but your family members may need a different size than the one you found under the tree.,

    Tall or less flexible people will feel more comfortable with the shorter 7 inch stool, while kids will most likely need the 9 inch stool. The Potty Pets Cub is almost twice as tall as the standard 7 inch size and the adjustable stool has a topper that adds an extra two inches, making it great for your family's smallest members.

    Don't have a Squatty Potty yet? Get one from Amazon for $24.99.

    Happy pooping!


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