Changing A Car Tire And Eating With Her Hands: 31 Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II You've Never Seen Before

    Take a look back at the fascinating life of Queen Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday at the age of 96. In addition to ruling for over 70 years, she also was on a swim team in her teenage years and cared for many dogs and horses.

    Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, died last Thursday at the age of 96.

    Here are 31 photos of Queen Elizabeth II that you've probably never seen before:

    1. Princess Elizabeth II in a stroller at 6 months old:

    2. Walking alongside her nannies and a stroller holding her sister, Princess Margaret:

    3. Standing in front of her "playhouse," which was gifted to her by the people of Wales:

    4. Riding her tricycle:

    5. Posing with her dogs at her home in Piccadilly, London:

    6. And giving one of them a hug:

    7. Riding her pony in Windsor Great Park:

    8. Standing beside her swimming team at the Bath Club:

    9. Smiling with her horse on her 13th birthday:

    10. Visiting a Girl Guide camp at Frogmore, Windsor:

    11. Changing a car tire in the Auxiliary Territorial Service:

    12. Dressed up as Prince Salvador in the Christmas production of Sleeping Beauty at Windsor Castle:

    13. Playing tag on the deck of the HMS Vanguard:

    14. Square dancing with the Duke of Edinburgh at a cowboy-themed party in Canada:

    15. Using a video camera aboard the SS Gothic during the coronation world tour:

    16. On her way to a garden party in Sydney, Australia:

    17. Talking to actor Jayne Mansfield in the reception line at the Odeon Theatre in London:

    18. Playing with Prince Charles at a country home in Surrey:

    19. Getting in a boat with Princess Anne:

    20. Taking a drive with Prince Charles and Princess Anne:

    21. Eating with her hands while sharing a meal with King Hassan during a visit to Morocco:

    22. Touring Australia in 1970:

    23. Smiling on her 50th birthday:

    24. Posing with Prince Charles at Windsor Castle:

    25. Cutting a cake with a sword:

    26. Shaking hands with Victoria Beckham after a Spice Girls performance:

    27. Giving one of her dogs, Candy, a boop on the nose:

    28. Admiring a replica of Buckingham Palace made from Legos:

    29. Sitting beside Anna Wintour as they view Richard Quinn's runway show:

    30. Attending a video conference event at Buckingham Palace:

    31. And lastly, driving in her Range Rover to the Windsor Horse Show last year: