25 Emojis People Desperately Wish Existed That Are Honestly Way More Clever Than I Expected

    Make a capybara emoji already, you cowards!

    We recently launched an Emoji Generator, the new AI-powered engine you can use to make your own custom emoji for a chance to win $100!* And the responses have been FLOODING in.

    Sure, we have emojis on our keyboard, but are they really that groundbreaking? Are they really saying what needs to be SAID?

    **Editor's note: This contest ended March 4, 2024, but you can still make emojis with our generator below! And check out some of our final favorites + the winner here. 😃 

    Here are some of our favorite submissions so far — and scroll to the bottom of this post to try making your own!

    1. "Purrito"

    Illustration of a cute cartoon cat wrapped in a cozy tan blanket with only its face and one paw visible

    2. "Dumpster Fire"

    A green dumpster with flames coming out of the top, marked with recycling symbols and "flammable" warning

    3. "Ready to Receive the Tea"

    Woman emoji holding a coffee cup, with a slight smile and raised eyebrows

    4. "Netflix and Childless"

    A stylized graphic of a meal tray with four compartments, containing a breaded cutlet, bun, scrambled eggs, and utensils

    5. "I'm All Ears"

    A digital avatar with large ears and blonde hair styled straight

    6. "Spicy Smut Book"

    An open book with illustrated flames and chili peppers rising from its pages, symbolizing spicy content

    7. "Bunch of Balloons"

    A bunch of colorful balloons tied together and floating against a plain background

    8. "Grilled Cheese"

    A grilled cheese sandwich with melted cheese between three slices of bread

    9. "Reba McEnTIRE"

    Animated character holding a car tire, dressed in a blue jumpsuit, smiling

    10. "Displeased Cat"

    Digital illustration of a plump orange striped cat with a displeased expression

    11. "Black Cat Running Across the Floor Chasing Red Laser"

    Black cartoon cat chasing a red laser point on a plain background

    12. "Screaming Into the Void"

    3D emoji character with an open-mouthed expression and hands up, wearing a jacket and jeans

    13. "Material Chick"

    A whimsical chicken with a unicorn horn and sparkly comb

    14. "Shrimp and Grits"

    Plate with shrimp arranged in a circle on polenta, garnished with herbs

    15. "Starbucks Run"

    Illustration of an a woman in leggings and a Starbucks T-shirt holding a Starbucks cup and running joyfully down a city street

    16. "Northern Lights"

    Aurora borealis over mountainous landscape with reflection in water

    17. "Bánh Mì"

    Illustration of a sandwich with chicken, vegetables, and sauce

    18. "Baked Potato With Cottage Cheese"

    Illustration of a smiling cartoon potato with sour cream and chives on top

    19. "Axolotl"

    Illustration of a cute, smiling cartoon frog with a rounded body

    20. "Crepes"

    Illustration of crepes with whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate drizzle on a plate

    21. "Guinea Pig"

    Illustration of a cartoon guinea pig on a purple background

    22. "Mushroom Fairy House"

    Illustration of a whimsical mushroom house with smaller mushrooms and plants surrounding it

    23. "AirPods"

    Open case with wireless earbuds against a plain background, trendy accessory

    24. "Cozy Burrito"

    A smiling emoji wrapped in a blanket, looking like a cozy internet meme or digital sticker


    25. "Cold Plunge"

    Emoji of a person with gray hair in a blue tub with overflowing icicle suds

    Now it's your turn! Create your emoji now and share your best creations in the comments of the contest post. We'll announce the winner on March 8, 2024.

    Screenshot of an emoji customization feature with various emoji faces and a "Make Yours" prompt