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Aug 2016
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    sarad4b6a7909b commented on If Your Cat Has Expressed Their Displeasure At You Being Home, We Want To See It

    My cats are so pissed that we are home ALL THE TIME. They love each other normally but they have turning to one another more often. My cats just tolerate my two year old daughter normally but have now gone into straight up dislike. My short hair cat, Camus, has begun pooping on our… 


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    sarad4b6a7909b commented on Which Podcasts Do You Think People Should Listen To In 2019?

    Wine and Crime is one of my favorite podcasts! They are respectful of the cases they speak about and are equally hilarious! And it includes wine education! It’s all a win!


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    sarad4b6a7909b commented on What Are Some Good Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To?

    I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of "All You Need is Love" by Barek & Ghali, which was inspired by the movie Love Actually. There wasn't a dry eye in the place! Our recessional song was another version of "All You Need is Love" by Grace Potter.


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    sarad4b6a7909b commented on What's The Best Decision You Made About Your Wedding?

    The best thing I did on my wedding day was "The First Look" and immediately after we recited our private vows for our marriage. This helped calm my husband and I, and helped shift our focus from small details to the joy of finding the person we were spending the rest of our lives… 


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