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If Your Cat Has Expressed Their Displeasure At You Being Home, We Want To See It

I'm guessing they're not thrilled...

Listen, cats are amazing, regal creatures who love their hoomans. But...they are NOT used to being around us 24/7. Chances are your furry friend is a bit fed up with not having as much personal space as before. We want to see examples of how YOUR cat is handling it.

Maybe they have taken to completely concealing themselves so they won't be bothered by you.

Or maybe they have taken to sleeping in...strange places now that you've taken over all their usual ones.

Maybe they've just accepted that they're your doll now.

Or maybe they've taken to looking at you like they might riot if you don't leave IMMEDIATELY.

Whatever your cat's reaction to this situation, we want to see it! Share photos and stories via the Dropbox below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!