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What Are Some Good Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To?

Yep, you can walk down the aisle to something other than the wedding march.

Awww, weddings — a most joyous occasion.

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And while a lot of people spend time deciding on a first dance song...

NBC one talks nearly enough about the songs people choose to walk down the aisle to.

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Like, maybe your wedding party decided to do a choreographed dance to a top-40 jam.


Or perhaps you wanted something... out of the box.


Or maybe you went more traditional with a religious song.

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#tbt to when I got married in Westminster Abbey and became the future Queen of England.

Whatever song you chose for that walk down the aisle — we want to know!

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Comment below with what song and why you chose it, and your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Weddings post!

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