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Which Super Bowl QB Would You Want To Score With?

Who would you rather sack?

Guys, today is Super Bowl Sunday. You know what that means. We get a Katy Perry concert, awesome commercials, and hot guys will be slamming into each other on national television.

Warner Brothers

Luckily for us on #TeamThirst, we have been truly #blessed with our matchup this year. And no, I'm not talking about Seahawks/Patriots. I'm talking about the showdown between mega-bae QBs.


Katy is us all right now.

First we have All-American hunk Tom Brady. Yes, he's an Ugg model, and yes, he likes his balls deflated. BUT LOOK AT HIM WITH BOTH YOUR EYES.

Getty Images / Jeff Zelevansky

Do you see what I see?

Like, he is such a #dad that he can pull off a powder blue dinner jacket. I'm guessing you're not feeling deflated now, are you?

Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris

Giselle is a lucky, lucky woman.

Then there's Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

Getty Images / Otto Greule Jr

I mean, he hangs out with Bey and Jay AND he looks like this in a suit. This guy is LEGIT a thot.



BUT WAIT A GOSH DARN SECOND. We have a dark horse contender: Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

Getty Images / Jim Rogash

But he's a starter in our hearts.

Like, real recognizes real: Jimmy gives these two a run for their money.

Getty Images / Jim Rogash


Elsa / Jim Rogash / Getty Images
  1. Which Super Bowl QB would you rather score with?

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Which Super Bowl QB would you rather score with?
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    Tom Brady for this lady!
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    I'm touching down with Russell Wilson!
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    Trick question, I'm going for Jimmy Garoppolo!

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