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18 Scary Things That Make The Tower Of Terror The Best Disney Ride

It's hard not to fall in love with this attraction.

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So if you're like me and a fan of theme parks, warm weather, and happiness in general, you've *probably* been to Walt Disney World in Florida and/or Disneyland in California.

Or one of the international parks!

1. The Tower of Terror, AKA the biggest, baddest ride in ANY Disney park.

You know, the one based on the ICONIC TV show, The Twilight Zone?

And FWIW, it's also Mariah Carey's favorite Disney ride.


3. Also, just look at how creepy the exterior looks. Like, HOW is it a smart idea to step foot inside?

The wait just makes you even more terrified...

4. Aside from needing a serious dusting, the lobby isn't much better. Yup, still pretty foreboding. BUT YOU'RE STILL GONNA RIDE THIS THING, RIGHT?

"Please step forward and fill in all the available space..."


6. Actually, let's just watch the whole thing. Although by this point, you probably have it committed to memory.

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"Hollywood, 1939. Amidst the glitz and the glitter of a bustling young movie town at the height of its golden age, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right..."

7. After this line, the lightning will flash and the thunder will roll...AND THE LIGHTS WILL GO OUT, MUCH TO YOUR SURPRISE.

Whether it's your first time or you've ridden it a million times, this part ALWAYS makes you nearly regurgitate your turkey leg out of pure terror.

8. Then there is the wait for the actual ride, where you second guess your decision to step into the elevator, no matter how many times you've ridden it before.

Your hands are clammy, and you're thinking, "Why am I about to ride this? This was NOT a good idea." But you push onward, and are queued up for an elevator...against your better judgment.

9. One of the bellhops will help you get seated, and at first, you're all like, "OMG, another helpful Disney cast member!"...

10. ...NOPE! Think again, because these guys are going to serve you a sassy one-liner at best, or they might just psyche you out.

This MUST be the ride for all the ~CrEePy~ employees who were too scary for like, the Toy Story ride.


16. Sadly, the ride will come to an end and you'll be delivered back to earth. Luckily, you have a special surprise waiting for you.

Time to check out, too.

17. Yup, the ride photos.

If you're smart, you made a funny face or did a silly pose.


18. Of course, you never buy just take a picture on your iPhone, before running outside to get a Fastpass to ride The Tower of Terror again.

Same thing really.