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17 Things That Happen At A Tween Pop Concert

I went to Austin Mahone's concert with Fifth Harmony, The Vamps, and Shawn Mendes on Wednesday at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and this is what I learned.

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1. The hormones will be OUT of control.

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The collective thirst of the audience was SO real. Girls LOST their shit every time headliner Austin Mahone flashed his abs or busted out some sultry dance moves. Puberty, man. Puberty DOES things.

2. There will be tweens. Lots of them.

The audience probably was 95% pre-teen and teenage girls. One girl who couldn't be much older than 20 sitting near me said she felt "so old" at the concert, so that should paint a picture of the average age in attendance.

3. Also, their parents and siblings will be there. However, they won't be enjoying the concert as much.

Sam Stryker

Mom wasn't going to let the girls go to the concert alone, was she? There were a fair amount of parents (dads too!) in the audience, along with some even-younger siblings. For the most part, they sat down and persevered. But I saw at least one mom get super into it — she danced along the entire time.

4. There will be screaming. SO. MUCH. SCREAMING.

There may be no louder sound that thousands of teenagers screaming for Austin Mahone's abs in unison. Maybe that's why so many of the parents brought earplugs.


5. And when the audience isn't screaming, they'll be singing.

Mahone paused from singing to let the audience fill in for him, and did a bunch of call-and-response with the crowd. The crowd was loud, proud, and they knew ALL the lyrics by heart.

6. A YouTube/Vine sensation will be the opening act.

Shawn Mendes was the first opener. If you haven't heard of him before, he's a 15-year old singer who was discovered on Vine. He's been killing it on iTunes and, with his single "Life of the Party," he is the youngest-ever artist to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Most important: He is a major item for the tweenagers of America. One girl sitting near us commented that she "shouldn't feel that way about a 15-year-old." GASP.

7. You'll also see a girl group perform.

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Fifth Harmony from the second season of The X-Factor were the second opener. They got major cheers for every booty pop, and their new girl-power anthem "BO$$" perked the audience way up.

8. And a boy band, too.

None of British group The Vamps' songs are on Spotify, so I didn't know what to expect of their set. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised when four teen guys in black skinny jeans walked onstage. The Vamps are basically like One Direction meets 5 Seconds of Summer (Lead singer Bradley Simpson even kind of looks like Harry Styles) and the girls were IN LOVE.


9. Other internet celebrities will be there.

Twitter: @TheVampsJames

Before Mahone went on, the audience kept SCREAMING in short bursts. This wasn't a weird teen ritual — they were shouting out to someone in the balcony. The girls behind me weren't sure who the person in the balcony was: First they thought it was Vine star Cameron Dallas and rapper Jake Miller. But it was actually the singer Becky G (she sings a hit song called "Shower"). Also, it looks like YouTube star Tyler Oakley was there. Welcome to 2014, people!

10. Austin will have so much charm and charisma.

He's got dance moves, a great stage presence, a million-watt smile, and DON"T FORGET those abs. He knew how to work the stage, and had the entire audience for the course of the evening.

12. There will be SO MUCH choreography.

Fifth Harmony had the sassy hair toss thing down; Austin Mahone and his backup dancers knew how to move on stage. Everyone's show felt really rehearsed, but you can't deny these kids have moves!


13. Everyone in the audience will be Austin's girlfriend for the evening.

One general premise of Austin (and Shawn Mendes and The Vamps) is that they are the kind of clean-cut guys you'd want to bring home to mom. In the middle of his set, Austin tries to find the "perfect girl" in the audience, then brings one ~lucky~ Mahomie onstage for a special serenade. ~BEAUTIFUL~ YOUNG~ LOVE~.

15. You'll hear some covers.

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Mahone covered John Legend's "All Of You." The Vamps did a bunch of covers: a Jason Derulo track, "Cecelia" by Simon & Garfunkel and "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley. It's possible the 13-year-olds in the audience didn't know some of those, but it didn't stop them from continuing to scream and dance along.

16. The concert will go by VERY fast.

These acts don't take their time getting to the stage. Shawn Mendes went on exactly at the scheduled 7:30 p.m. start time, and the concert moved quickly from there — no intermissions, and only a quick pause between acts. The whole thing was over in about three hours. For that, every parent in the audience was eternally grateful.