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    17 Times Fans Crossed The Line When Interacting With Their Favorite Celebs

    Calm down there, Stan.

    For a lot of people, the smallest interaction with their favorite celebrity would be a dream come true. However, often, overly — ahem — zealous fans take things a little too far.

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    The resulting interactions can be awkward, uncomfortable, or sometimes dangerous.

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    Here are 17 of the wildest interactions between celebrities and their fans:

    1. After "Jolene" became a hit in the '70s, a Dolly Parton fan named her baby Jolene, then left the infant at the singer's gate.

    "Coat of Many Colors" singer
    Taylor Hill / Getty Images

    Dolly contacted the Department of Health and Human Services on the child's behalf, but she isn't sure what happened after the baby went into care.

    2. After Jessie J broke her leg, a teenage fan broke her own leg, obtained the singer's personal contact information, and sent her pictures of it.

    "Price Tag" singer
    Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for FIJI Water

    The fan also sent a message that said, "I will do anything to be just like you.”

    3. In 2013, Jared Leto received a fan's severed ear in the mail along with a note that said, "Are you listening?"

    Ray Tamarra / GC Images / Via Getty

    Jared poked a hole in the ear so he could wear it as a necklace.

    4. A fan decided to send John Boyega a pair of nipple covers with his face on them in order to promote her start-up.

    actor who played Finn in "Star Wars"
    Samir Hussein / Samir Hussein / WireImage / Via Getty

    She told him she had a GoFundMe as well.

    5. A woman confronted Matt Smith with a picture of a hedgehog, insisting that he looked just like it, then tried to kiss him.

    actor who played the Eleventh Doctor on "Doctor Who"
    Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

    He told MTV, "Security had to pick her up, and she just kept screaming the word 'hedgehog.'"

    6. A Jonas Brothers fan preserved a dead baby shark in a tube and gifted it to the band.

    "Burnin' Up" singers
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Nick Jonas told Digital Spy, "They didn't even leave a note explaining. It was just: 'Here's a dead shark.'"

    7. When Cole Sprouse got up to go to the bathroom at a restaurant, a bunch of kids followed him in and tried to check which stall he was in.

    actor who played Jughead Jones on "Riverdale"
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    He told Glamour, "I [did] this weird thing where I [lifted] my feet up so they can't see underneath the stall." He said that the kid who found him locked eyes with him through the gap, then turned back and led his friends outside. 

    8. Fifth Harmony cheered on a Harmonizer as he chased after their car for 20 minutes.

    "Work From Home" singers
    Ida Mae Astute / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

    Lauren Jauregui said, "20 minutes is a very long time when you're keeping up with a car!"

    9. At a meet-up, a viewer saw Tyler Oakley's phone sitting on a table and stole it.

    Jason Laveris / FilmMagic / Via Getty

    He told Rock Forever Magazine, "[Security] ran after her, and she was crying." 

    10. While Niall Horan was walking through the crowd at a music festival, a Directioner jumped on his back to get a picture of him.

    "Slow Hands" singer
    Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for SiriusXM

    "I kinda fell over," he told Cambio.

    11. A Lorde/Jack Antonoff shipper made a PowerPoint presentation trying to "prove" the pair were dating.

    "Green Light" singer and co-writer/producer
    Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

    The fan wrote, "I'm fully aware of what Lorde SAYS the album [Melodrama] is about and what each song is about, so do not come at me..."

    12. While Beyoncé knelt to interact with the crowd, a concertgoer jumped on stage and pulled her down.

    "Lemonade" singer
    David M. Benett / Dave Benett / WireImage / Via Getty

    As security removed the fan, Beyoncé told him, "It's all right. ... Thank you, I love you, too."

    13. John Travolta once opened his closet at home and found a fan waiting inside.

    Christopher Polk / Via Getty

    He told People, "It did scare me, but it turned out to be an innocent person. She was a girl who probably wanted to meet me and didn’t know how to do it."

    14. The day after Kaya Scodelario signed a fan's arm, the girl returned the next day to show her she'd gotten it tattooed.

    actor who played Teresa in "The Maze Runner"
    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    Kaya told MTV, "It was infected, so I just kind of felt really bad for her."

    15. A couple followed Finn Wolfhard home and asked him to take a picture with them, which he refused.

    actor who played Mike on "Stranger Things"
    Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

    He told ABC, "I was like, ‘No, you followed me back for four blocks, that’s super creepy.’”

    16. When Jerry Trainor was walking out of a restaurant, an entire birthday party of fans saw him and tackled him.

    actor who played Spencer on "iCarly"
    Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

    "They're all doing hard time now," he joked to IMDb.

    17. And finally, while taking a picture with Norman Reedus, a fan howled "like a werewolf" then leaned over and bit his chest.

    actor who played Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead"
    Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic / Via Getty

    Norman told Conan that, even though it left a mark, he decided not to press charges.

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