17 Times Fans Crossed The Line When Interacting With Their Favorite Celebs

    Calm down there, Stan.

    For a lot of people, the smallest interaction with their favorite celebrity would be a dream come true. However, often, overly — ahem — zealous fans take things a little too far.

    The resulting interactions can be awkward, uncomfortable, or sometimes dangerous.

    Here are 17 of the wildest interactions between celebrities and their fans:

    1. After "Jolene" became a hit in the '70s, a Dolly Parton fan named her baby Jolene, then left the infant at the singer's gate.

    "Coat of Many Colors" singer

    2. After Jessie J broke her leg, a teenage fan broke her own leg, obtained the singer's personal contact information, and sent her pictures of it.

    "Price Tag" singer

    3. In 2013, Jared Leto received a fan's severed ear in the mail along with a note that said, "Are you listening?"

    4. A fan decided to send John Boyega a pair of nipple covers with his face on them in order to promote her start-up.

    actor who played Finn in "Star Wars"

    5. A woman confronted Matt Smith with a picture of a hedgehog, insisting that he looked just like it, then tried to kiss him.

    actor who played the Eleventh Doctor on "Doctor Who"

    6. A Jonas Brothers fan preserved a dead baby shark in a tube and gifted it to the band.

    "Burnin' Up" singers

    7. When Cole Sprouse got up to go to the bathroom at a restaurant, a bunch of kids followed him in and tried to check which stall he was in.

    actor who played Jughead Jones on "Riverdale"

    8. Fifth Harmony cheered on a Harmonizer as he chased after their car for 20 minutes.

    "Work From Home" singers

    9. At a meet-up, a viewer saw Tyler Oakley's phone sitting on a table and stole it.


    10. While Niall Horan was walking through the crowd at a music festival, a Directioner jumped on his back to get a picture of him.

    "Slow Hands" singer

    11. A Lorde/Jack Antonoff shipper made a PowerPoint presentation trying to "prove" the pair were dating.

    "Green Light" singer and co-writer/producer

    12. While Beyoncé knelt to interact with the crowd, a concertgoer jumped on stage and pulled her down.

    "Lemonade" singer

    13. John Travolta once opened his closet at home and found a fan waiting inside.

    14. The day after Kaya Scodelario signed a fan's arm, the girl returned the next day to show her she'd gotten it tattooed.

    actor who played Teresa in "The Maze Runner"

    15. A couple followed Finn Wolfhard home and asked him to take a picture with them, which he refused.

    actor who played Mike on "Stranger Things"

    16. When Jerry Trainor was walking out of a restaurant, an entire birthday party of fans saw him and tackled him.

    actor who played Spencer on "iCarly"

    17. And finally, while taking a picture with Norman Reedus, a fan howled "like a werewolf" then leaned over and bit his chest.

    actor who played Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead"