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    How To Take Better Selfies, According To Two Selfie Addicts

    Take your selfies from nottie to hottie!

    Let's face it, taking a selfie is a delicate art form. Whether it's finding proper lighting, the perfect angle, or deciding whether or not to use the self-facing camera, selfies require EFFORT.

    Here are the Rules of Taking a Selfie:

    1. Know — and work — your angles.

    2. Feel your look!

    3. Own your environment.

    4. Learn from your selfie idols.

    5. Light it up!

    6. Set the mood.

    7. When you know you're looking hot, bank a few for later!

    8. Group selfies are great...

    9. ...but solo selfies are too!

    10. Have a purpose behind your selfie.

    11. Mix it up!

    12. And most important of all, look cute, duh!!!

    Happy selfie-ing AND LIVE YOUR SELFIE TRUTH!!!