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    19 Reasons Sam Stryker Is BuzzFeed's Next Fellow

    SPOILER ALERT: Sam is awesome. BuzzFeed, the search for your next Fellow starts and ends right here.

    1. He's all over social media!

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    You can see his Twitter here, his Tumblr here, his Instagram here, his blog here and his Facebook here.


    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    Also, check out those abs!

    3. He writes on the internet. Like, a lot.

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    He was an editor for two years at The Observer, Notre Dame's daily student newspaper. He's also written for Bleacher Report, PolicyMic and BuzzFeed!

    4. The President LOVES him

    View this video on YouTube


    University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, that is. Fr. Jenkins quoted from Sam's Observer column "Relocating Notre Dame" in his Homily at the University's 2013 Commencement Mass. So 10,000 people were laughing at Sam's jokes. It was AWESOME.

    5. He has a keen appreciation for culture.

    6. He's a Renaissance Man — He was even named Mr. August in the 2013 Men of Notre Dame Calendar!

    7. He's great at multitasking.

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    Here he is on the phone in a Tony the Tiger costume while also posing for a picture. THAT takes skill.

    8. He'll go the extra mile ... literally and figuratively!

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    He even ran his first half-marathon this year!

    9. He's not afraid to try new things.

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    Like the world's greasiest pizza.

    10. He's mastered the art of the selfie.

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    Here he is with Manti Te'o at graduation. He's even wrote about how to take the perfect selfie.

    11. He's passionate about lots of stuff!

    View this video on YouTube


    Sam really likes TV (Downton Abbey, True Blood, The Hills, GIRLS, Mad Men and LOST are his favorites), movies (Mean Girls, James Bond), sharks, Ryan Gosling, Disney Villains, travelling and baking.

    12. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

    Via Facebook: samstryker

    Is that American Gothic? No, it's Sam doing service work in West Virginia!

    13. He's a team player...

    14. ...But also works well independently.

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    Here he is interning at NBC last summer.

    15. He works well under pressure.

    Via Facebook: samstryker

    Like that time he sunk the winning cup at college.

    16. He's always got a smile on his face.

    Via Instagram: @samstryker

    Especially around cats!

    17. So I mustache you a question ...

    18. Why are you DRAGGING your feet?

    19. Just hire Sam! He's so good he'll make you SCREAM!