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    29 Products Under $25 With Incredibly Satisfying Before-And-After Photos

    I mean, I'm feeling pretty satisfied right now.

    1. Water bottle cleaning tablets for getting your beloved drinking vessel back to the condition it was in when you first fell in love with it. Not to mention the fact that you should only ever consume water from a CLEAN bottle.

    2. A toilet wand that'll prove wands of all sorts, even ones for cleaning toilets, are truly magical objects. Refer to disgusting photo below for evidence.

    3. A makeup brush cleansing shampoo to clean those things you use to apply cosmetics to your precious FACE.

    4. An activated charcoal powder that'll get those pearly whites looking so bright, you may need to put on a pair of sunglasses next time you flash a smile in the mirror.

    A top photo showing slightly yellow-tinted teeth and a bottom photo showing those same teeth one week later, slightly less yellow-tinted

    5. A grout pen to have your floors shining like the top of the Chrysler building in no time at all. Did you hire a fancy schmancy service to clean your tiles? Nope, you used a PEN to cover it all up.

    6. A headlight restoration kit so you can ensure the safety of yourself and others by driving with clear, working lights. Because it's really dangerous driving with them all fogged up... don't do it!

    A before photo of a foggy headlight and an after photo of that same headlight that's no longer foggy

    7. CeraVe moisturizing cream for those looking for an all-around great moisturizer that's gentle on sensitive, dry skin. I personally LOVE this moisturizer, have tried several expensive moisturizers before this one, and love how this feels on my sensitive skin. Not to mention, it's cleared my face SO much.

    8. A soap scum and grime removal spray that'll target areas like your sinks, showers, and tubs and make them look as if you just got them.

    9. A red-wine stain remover to buy immediately if the only thing you're better at than downing an entire bottle of your favorite vino is managing to spill it.

    10. A rust stain remover spray for a cleaner you can basically think of as fairy pixie dust in a bottle. I mean, just look at the photo below. Point proven. Case closed. On to the next one.

    11. Bar Keepers Friend multi-purpose cleaner to get your kitchen, bathroom, and even cookware (see superb exhibit below), looking shinier than Chip Skylar's teeth.

    12. A pet ear cleanser for a painless and easy way to treat your fluffer's dirty ears so they 1) don't suffer from infections down the line, and 2) so they can REALLY hear all the compliments you want to tell them.

    13. A FlexiSnake so you can unclog your hair-filled drain by simply ~snaking~ this tool down there, letting it grab the hair, pulling it back up, and deciding whether you should be marveled at its abilities or gag.

    14. Or a TubShroom that'll collect your hair while in the shower/bath, so it doesn't go down the drain and clog in the first place.

    15. A bitter nail polish for helping your nail-biting habit bite the dust. Can you say that three times fast? You can. Wanna know why? Because you won't have your nails in your mouth!

    16. A wood polish and conditioner to bring your beloved wooden furniture back to factory condition. Did you just get your entire house re-done by an HGTV crew, or are you just super good at picking out cleaning products?

    17. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches – it'll be the easiest solution to pesky acne you've ever stumbled upon — just take a patch, put it over your pimple, and go about the rest of your day. Yup, it's THAT simple.

    18. A carpet cleaning solution for those whose home deserves a million dollar-looking floor for less than $20.

    19. A natural stain remover to keep you and your family's life clean as can be with a product you can feel good about anyone using, and not worry about the kiddos accidentally getting a hold of.

    20. A pumice cleaning stone that'll scratch away at those — TBH, pretty repulsive — toilet stains without leaving horrid scratch marks in the bowl.

    21. Affresh washing machine cleaning tablets to ensure the appliance responsible for getting your clothes cleaned is clean itself. It's all a cycle... get it? Cycle? Because you set a cycle when you put your clothes in the wash? LOL, OK, sorry, bye.

    22. A watermark remover cloth that'll get rid of those annoying ringlet stains on your furniture — you warned your loved ones to use a coaster but, of course, they didn't listen!

    23. A cable protector to save your ripped-up cords, because the last thing you feel like doing is ordering a new cable when the one you have still works.

    In the before photo, an iPhone charger with a frayed wire. In the after photo, the twist cable protector on the wire, with no sign of fraying

    24. A 10-pack of boot wipes that'll simply clean dirt and salt stains from your shoes. So no need to fret if you look down and your fave boots are dirty, take a breather!

    On the left, a boot with a white stain on it. On the right, the same boot with most of the white stain gone

    25. A four-pack (AKA two pairs) of boot shapers for keeping your boots standing up straight, because when the tall ones do that thing where they wilt away, ugh, there's just something SO frustrating about it. Like, stand up, fix your posture, PLEASE.

    In the before photo, a row of tall boots leading against each other. In the after photo, the same row of boots standing up straight with the inserts inside

    26. Debrox earwax removal drops that may not technically give you "before and after" photos, unless if you can fanagle a camera into your ears, but honey, oh HONEY, look at the wax in the photo below. All of THAT. That deserves to be framed, FOR SURE.

    27. A jewelry cleaning pen so you don't have to spend too much time or energy on giving your beloved treasures the shine they deserve.

    In the before picture, a fogged up diamond ring. In the after picture, the same ring, now shiny and clear

    28. A hanger stacker to keep your unused hangers in one clean spot, so when you DO need a hanger, you don't have to spend a million and one minutes untangling them.

    29. A bottle of dandruff shampoo, because you deal with enough flaky people in your life, there's no reason you should have to deal with a flaky scalp, too.

    In the before photo, a close-up of a scalp with dandruff. In the after photo, the same scalp, now completely free of dandruff

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