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    32 Kitchen Products That Would Make Great Birthday Gifts

    Because nothing say happy birthday like, "here, let's eat!"

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    1. An air fryer for turning all their favorite foods into FRIED versions, minus all the oil. Wings and fries for dinner every night? Absolutely!

    2. A cookbook filled with exquisite cannabis recipes — because there is so much more they can make with weed than just brownies.

    3. A Mickey waffle iron that'll make the Disney fanatic in your life feel as if they're at a magical character breakfast each morning, no matter how many miles away they may be.

    4. A wine rack for giving them a simple, but pretty place to store their wine bottles. And if you're feeling nice, give them a bottle of vino to go along with it... or six so they can fill this up.

    5. An 6-in-1 Instant Pot to become their new favorite kitchen gadget and for good reason — this baby is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer and sautér all in one.

    6. A 55-piece decorating tip set that'll make them wanna quit their day job and become professional cake decorators. And you're gonna want to quit your day job and become their professional taste tester.

    7. Or a 21-piece Russian tip set for the person who wants to take their decorating to the next level.

    8. A 12-piece cookware set to ensure that they have all the essentials they need for making yummy meals... plus, this set is so pretty in every color!

    9. Or a six-piece bakeware set that'll make sure they have what they need to make sweet treats... we love a properly-stocked kitchen!

    10. A breakfast sandwich maker to ensure they never have to wake up earlier in the morning just to wait in the McDonald's drive-thru line for brekkie.

    11. A customizable peanut butter spoon that'll do the only thing you should ever encourage a friend to do on their birthday... eat peanut butter by the spoonfuls.

    12. A Keurig machine capable of whipping up more than just coffee. This baby can also make lattes, cappuccinos, and more as it comes with a milk frother. Maybe a new age means learning how to make cool latte art.

    13. An airbrush decorating kit to give in hopes that maybe when it's time for your birthday they'll decorate you a cake using this thing... don't tell them your ulterior motive, tho.

    14. A cookbook to transport their tastebuds to Hogwarts, without needing a train ticket for the Hogwarts Express.

    15. A lasagna trio pan that'll allow them to whip up THREE, that's right, THREE, different types of lasagna recipes at the SAME TIME. Because it's 2019, and we can do that.

    16. A KitchenAid stand mixer for getting the person whose love for baking isn't just a causal love, but a PASSION. This will have them baking forever, because it'll quite literally last them forever.

    17. A soft-serve ice cream maker with a toppings dispenser on the side to ensure they can enjoy a sweet, cold treat any time, and of course, have easy access to their fav toppings.

    18. A 3-in-1 breakfast station that'll make any kitchen look significantly cooler, and will be a great way at hinting it's time for them to host a brunch party ASAP.

    19. A press and go tea tumbler so they can literally make hot or iced tea on-the-go... and of course drink it on-the-go, too, because we're all about making life more convenient.

    20. A giant cupcake tin for getting the smartie who knows cupcakes are the superior dessert... even if this thing really just yields a normal-sized cake in the shape of a cupcake. But they're both cake? IDK!

    21. A sushi-making kit to get the friend who has intentions of making dinner when they get home after work each night, but somehow finds themselves constantly ordering delivery from their favorite sushi restaurant in town.

    22. A mini cake pop maker that'll have them churning out cake in one of its yummiest forms... on a stick, duh.

    23. Or perhaps this full-sized cupcake maker, because baking cupcakes in the oven is soooo last year.

    24. And while you're at it, you DO NUT wanna miss out on buying them this mini donut maker. Their kitchen is gonna turn into a bakery, and hopefully they'll share some of the profits with you.

    25. A Sous Vide precision cooker that'll give them the gift of five-star restaurant-worthy meals whenever they want. This baby ensures food is cooked to perfection and makes meal prepping a whole lot more simple.

    26. A four-pack of marshmallow mugs so they can sip their favorite hot beverage out of a smiley vessel.

    27. A cold brew coffee maker to help spare them the judgmental looks their bank is gonna start giving them when they see "Starbucks Reload" as all of their recent purchases.

    28. A rapid egg cooker that'll make cooking up their favorite style eggs super quick and easy. Long gone are the days of standing over the stove and waiting what feels like an eternity to just have a freaking omelette.

    29. A three-piece springform pan set for the cheesecake-lover who would get a kick out of being able to make THREE cheesecakes, in varying sizes, and maybe even put them together into a giant cheesecake tower... now, that's... sexy, TBH.

    30. A four-pack of laboratory shot glasses to get the science nerd, so they can get their favorite chemical mixtures (alcohol) down the hatch.

    31. An automatic bread maker that'll not only churn out fresh loaves of bread, but jam, croissants, cakes, and more!

    32. And a 12-cavity brownie/cake pan for telling them, "today is your birthday, AKA your national eat all the cake in the world day, so here is this pan you can use to make 12 different types of cake." Just don't expect them to share with you.

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