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    All The Best Cyber Monday Subscription Deals

    Deals at Cratejoy, Book of the Month, Atlas Coffee Club, and more.

    Cyber Week, the week when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME), is here.

    We waded through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout the week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. A year-long subscription for 99 cents a month at Hulu so you can kick back and relax knowing you're saving $$$.

    text that says "Black Friday Main Event 99 cents/month for a year"

    2. Get four bottles of wine for $20.95 and free shipping at Winc, which means 100+ wines for you to discover (all based on a preference quiz so your box will be uniquely yours).

    3. A three-month subscription for 99 cents/month at Discovery+ so you can watch "Alone," "Hell's Kitchen," "Ghost Hunters," and "90-Day Fiancé" all in one place for less than a dollar per month.

    text on image that says "Black Friday Deal 99 cents per month for the first three months"

    4. Get up to four months free when you sign up for a subscription at KiwiCo, a box filled with hours of fun and enriching science and art projects.

    5. A four-month subscription for $3.99/month at Showtime so you can binge-watch all your faves commercial-free.

    text that says "try showtime free for 30 days — then just $3.99/month for 4 months"

    6. 50% off a trial order PLUS free treats for life at Spot & Tango, because your dog deserves the *best* preservative-free food.

    7. A three-month subscription for $5/month at Starz, so you can enjoy unlimited HD streaming and downloads on up to four devices at the same time. Movie marathon, anyone?

    screenshot of some of the Starz original titles

    8. Get your first bag of coffee free and up to $55 off gifts at Atlas Coffee Club for anyone who loves branching out and trying coffee from around the world.

    bags of coffee artfully arranged

    9. $40 off a box *or* two free gifts ($150 value) at Breo Box for anyone who loves unique "I-never-knew-I-needed-these" gadgets.

    Breo Boxes and products, which include Yeti mugs, Bluetooth speakers, a projector, sunglasses, and more

    10. 40% off your first year of Adobe Creative Cloud so you can access the same apps and programs the pros use at a fraction of the price.

    screenshot of Adobe CC programs, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and more

    11. Join for just $5 or get $10 off a 6- or 12-month gift at Book of the Month – truly perfect for bookworms who are always looking for new stories to get lost in!

    five books lying on a table next to bottles of champagne

    12. Get a lifetime language subscription for $149 at Rosetta Stone. Choose any language you'd like to master and you'll have access to it forever!

    two people talking and one showing the other their phone screen

    13. Premium channels like Paramount+ and AMC+ for 99 cents (!!!) a month at Amazon Prime Video. Hello, endless movie nights.

    screenshot of the premium add-on options, which include Starz, Showtime, Paramount+, and more

    14. Get two annual memberships for the price of one at MasterClass so you and your S.O. or BFF can learn some new tips and tricks from the pros – whether that means cookin' some new meals with Gordan Ramsay or learning how to drum with Ringo Starr.

    collage of celebs who teach classes, including Alicia Keys, Gordon Ramsay, Samuel L. Jackson, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Natalie Portman

    15. 30% off your first box at Hunt A Killer so you can channel your inner Olivia Benson and get to some thrilling crime huntin'.

    16. Up to 30% off hundreds of unique subscriptions at Cratejoy, like this box of gourmet cookies (which comes with coffee, BTW!) and this "CatLady" box that's honestly just purr-fect.

    17. A 3-month subscription for $30 at Glossybox for anyone who *thrives* off trying out new self-care and beauty products.

    18. 20% off your first order of human-grade dog food at The Farmer's Dog because you *know* how excited they get when you treat 'em to some of your meals. Oh, and there are zero preservatives!

    a bowl of food and you can clearly see chunks of meat and veggies

    19. 25% off your first order at PrettyLitter – an odor-free health-monitoring litter box to help you keep tabs on your feline friend's health.

    20. $75 off your first box at Kidpik to treat your kids to some new stylish attire they'll be excited to show off at school each month.

    21. $120 off two months of the eight item plan at Rent the Runway to let your inner fashionista live their best life without getting the side-eye from your wallet.

    22. 50% off at Dia & Co to fill your closet with stylish finds that'll have everyone asking, "Where'd ya get that"?

    23. 50% off everything at FaceTory for some seriously ~glowy skin~ without sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, or dyes.

    24. A two-month subscription for $2 at Obé Fitness that'll have you *actually* looking forward to your workouts.

    25. 40% off your first seasonal box at FabFitFun so you can fill your home with a ton of fun products, from eyeshadow and Glamnetic lashes to cozy blankets and Michael Kors beanies!

    various products including a hat, blankets, candles, beauty products, a tote, makeup, and kitchen utensils

    26. 14 free meals and free shipping from HelloFresh for anyone who finds themselves tossing out rotten produce more than they'd like to admit. You'll receive the exact amount of ingredients you'll need in each of these boxes!

    Screenshot of the HelloFresh homepage

    27. $20 off your first box at Bokksu so you can experience Japanese snacks, candies, and other goodies without needing to leave your house.

    Japanese snacks, orange box, chopsticks

    28. 50% off a Pro annual subscription at AllTrails pretty much guaranteed to be an *elite* gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

    Person walking on a trail

    29. 20% off gift subscriptions at Hullabaloo Book Co. to treat your kiddos to the best of the best books.

    child coloring with activity books and reading books next to them

    30. 20% off first-time subscriptions to Silk and Sonder for anyone who really just prefers a good ~old-fashioned~ journal and planner. You'll get a new one each month to help you do everything from keeping track of your moods and habits to jotting down your monthly plans.

    31. 40% off a quarterly box from Decorated so you can skip the lines in person (and the temptation to buy even more decor while waiting in said lines) and have super cute seasonal decor shipped right to your door.

    Look, it's all of us after seeing the *hot* deals on these subscriptions: