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    Spot & Tango's Black Friday Sale Is Here, And That Means Free Treats For Life For New Subscribers

    They mean it – free treats for the lifetime of your subscription, plus 50% off your trial order.

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    Good news, pet parents! Spot & Tango is having a Black Friday sale: Throughout the entire month of November, new subscribers will receive 50% off their trial order and...drum roll treats for LIFE.

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    Every regular order will include a bag of their premium human-grade treats for the lifetime of their subscription! 

    So what is Spot & Tango? It's a subscription plan offering a nutritional and customized ~dining experience~ for your pet, with fresh ingredients that even you'd ingest. Because it's 2021, and we're leaving the yucky stuff behind.,

    Only the best for your bestie.

    Let's get into does it work? They'll help you set up a recurring meal plan delivered straight to your door, so your pet never runs out of healthy food and you never have to run to the store. Because what a pain and absolute inconvenience that is, tbh.

    You'll receive your order according to you and your dog's needs. Right now, you can choose from a number of plans: weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or every eight weeks...depending on just how ravenous your pup is. You decide.

    For the lifetime of treats, you can choose from either of their popular single-ingredient treats: Yam Yums (aka sweet potatoes) or Chicken Munchies (aka chicken breast).

    To get started, simply take Spot & Tango's online quiz for a unique nutrition plan:

    First thing's first: you'll tell them just how many fur babies are running around your house.

    Spot & Tango

    This is just the technical stuff...getting to know Fido, if you will. Enter your dog's name, age, gender, birthday and breed. Is your pet spayed/neutered? All the little details that add up. 

    And even though each puppy is special in its own'll select what category your dog's body type best falls into.

    Three options for dog's body type
    Spot & Tango

    No body shaming, of course...Spot & Tango just needs to know for health purposes! Enter your pet's weight, activity level, and any existing health conditions.

    Next up, you'll tell them about your pup's preferences. What are we in the mood for, exactly?

    Food prep page: dry kibble or fresh
    Spot & Tango

    Ahem, what are they in the mood for. Sorry.

    Last but not least, you'll get a little more specific when it comes to their preferences. Are they more of a meat eater? A chicken person? Uhh — I mean — dog. A chicken dog?

    Favorite recipe prep page: beer & barley or chicken and brown rice
    Spot & Tango

    So many options, I'm starting to forget this is for a pet. Beef and barley? Chicken and rice?? Jeez.

    And there you have it! Spot & Tango will determine just the right amount of freshly prepared food for your dog, with ingredients that'll suit their nutritional needs.

    Meal plan page
    Spot & Tango

    Say goodbye to the slop and boring ol' kibble, Fido! Your personalized and delicious meal plan is here. 

    All this for 50% off your trial order, plus free treats for life! If your pup had opposable thumbs, they would hit *add to cart*.

    Corgi waiting to eat their quinoa mix dog food

    Don't forget, this deal ends on November 30th!

    Head over to Spot & Tango for an affordable and convenient feeding plan that'll leave both you and your pup satisfied! And maybe...just maybe, Fido will be so satisfied, he'll stop begging you for your lunch. Here's hoping.

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