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    "Glass Onion" Is A Meticulous Masterpiece, And Here Are 19 Fascinating Details To Prove It

    Long story short, Miles Bron is stupid AF.

    I daresay many of us have watched the second instalment in the Knives Out franchise by now.

    Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Glass Onion – like its predecessor – is meticulously crafted and full of interesting details and easter eggs. Let's take a look at some, shall we?

    🚨 Needless to say, this post includes HELLA spoilers for Glass Onion. 🚨

    1. The film's title pays homage to The Beatles, and one of their songs in particular.

    2. And many of the items on display in Miles' mansion are inspired by images in the song.

    3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt voices the "hourly dong" that sounds in the film.

    I'd like hourly dong from Joseph Gordon-Levitt #GlassOnion

    Twitter: @sam_cleal

    From Hugh Grant to Serena Williams to Yo-Yo Ma, there are A LOT of cameos in the film. But none is more random than Joseph voicing the loud "dong" noise that Miles' house makes on the hour, every hour.

    4. Noah Segan AKA "Troop-uh Wagn-uh" makes a reappearance as a different character.

    5. In Serena's cameo, she's reading Gravity's Rainbow, which is also a reference featured in the first movie.

    6. Benoit Blanc is a big ol' homo!

    7. Speaking of Among Us, the game actually foreshadows the film's plot.

    8. The chess board game in the stereogram is set up for the quickest possible checkmate in chess.

    9. Miles asks his guests if they have any dietary restrictions, which is the information he later uses to murder Duke.

    10. In the first Knives Out film, Benoit Blanc sings a tune from Follies by Stephen Sondheim, who appears in Glass Onion.

    11. The film samples Danny Elfman's score from Batman, signifying a comparison between Benoit and the famous fictional superhero.

    12. A book called Cain's Jawbone appears in the movie, which hints at the film's non-linear structure.

    13. In the flashback scenes, Miles is dressed exactly like Tom Cruise's character in Magnolia.

    14. There's a Mark Rothko painting hanging upside down in Miles' house.

    15. Miles' portrait of himself shirtless is actually Edward Norton's face on Brad Pitt's body!

    Painted in the style of Francis Bacon, the portrait intriguingly borrows from both Fight Club actors, which is a fun little detail.

    16. There's also a portrait of Kanye West as a Roman senator in a toga for some reason.

    17. Miles tells Benoit he got thriller novelist Gillian Flynn to pen his murder mystery for the weekend, but he mispronounces her name, once again demonstrating his lack of intelligence.

    18. Andi's full name is Cassandra, which is an allusion to the tragic Greek myth of Cassandra the oracle.

    19. And finally, Glass Onion actors Kathryn Hahn and Kate Hudson have worked together before, as have Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista!

    Did any of these stand out to you? Have we missed anything out? Let us know in the comments below!