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23 Gay Shorts On YouTube To Watch If You Love Seeing Boys Fall In Love

I can't believe these are all free on the internet.

I bet you didn't know there are a wealth of wonderful FREE gay movies available on lil' old YouTube? I've been watching them for years!

Sony Pictures Releasing

And no, I don't mean porn.

From five-minute arthouse flicks to 20/30 minute independent features, there's a whole lot of cute gay content out there if you just like watching boys falling in love on screen.

CBC Television

They're also ~excellent~ movies, of course!

So forget Call Me By Your Name, and get into these hidden treasures...

Logo TV

Just an FYI – none of these films are sexually explicit, but some of them do get a little steamy, hence why they aren't all available to play on this page without heading onto YouTube.

1. Query

Two guys in a kitchen in conversation one is shirtless and one is in a t shirt and boxers
Relentless Escargot Productions/NEXTLEVEL Movie Trailers

Hetero best friends and roommates, Jay and Alex, spend a whole day debating sexuality before deciding to try something new.

Directed by: Sophie Kargman

Starring: Justice Smith, Graham Patrick Martin

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2. It's Still Your Bed

Tyler Reeves

When David returns home from college, he finds a hired hand named Brent kipping in his bedroom. Brent's the strong-and-silent type, and David can't help but by intrigued by his new roomie.

Directed by: Tyler Reeves

Starring: Cooper Stone, Damian Joseph Quinn, Lauren Elyse Buckley

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3. Thirteen Or So Minutes

A shirtless guy sits on a bed and looks up a nude guy who is partially out of frame
The Branden Blinn Media Group/Ariztical Entertainment/Hollywood Independents/mattmullins8

Two "straight" guys hook up on a whim. Afterwards, they try to resolve their very different feelings about the encounter.

Directed by: Branden Blinn

Starring: Carlos Salas, Nick Soper

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4. Triple Standard

The Branden Blinn Media Group/Gay Short Film

A basketball team is rocked by a disagreement between two players, one of whom is seriously anti-gay. Behind the scenes, however, his home life paints a very different picture.

Directed by: Branden Blinn

Starring: William Jennings, Lee Amir-Cohen, Ronnie Prouty

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5. The Morning After


A man spends the night with another guy, but wakes up and instantly regrets his decision. Over the course of a day, he figures out exactly how he feels about the experience.

Directed by: Bruno Collins

Starring: Joshua Berg, Luke Striffler, Juliet Lundholm

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6. Lúbtha

Dekkoo/YouTube/Pickle & Co. Productions/SUBTVU

Set in early '90s Northern Ireland, a teenager dogged by daily physical and mental abuse finds solace in looking after younger brother, and spending time with his best friend.

Directed by: Ethan McDowell

Starring: Oliver Scullion, Josh Hegarty, Conor Gormally

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7. Cappuccino

A guy sips a milkshake in a diner provocatively and stares at the guy in front of him who we cannot see
Oracle Releasing/Peccadillo Pictures/École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL)/Francofonia

A shy teen tries to conceal his homosexuality whilst suuuuuper crushing on a bad boy at his school.

Directed by: Tamer Ruggli

Starring: Benjamin Décosterd, Manuela Biedermann, Anton Ciurlia

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8. Your Aura

A guy stares at another guy in the middle of the road of a Hollywood district
Sky People Films/Sean Batir

A down-on-his-luck actor meets another actor in the street. Through him, he realises how great his life can be if he finally accepts himself.

Directed by: Nicholas Zhur

Starring: Charles-Curtis Sanders, Landon Tavernier, Donnie Luther

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9. Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (I Don't Want To Go Back Alone)

Three teens in school uniforms sit on the floor in a row in conversation
Lacuna Filmes/Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho

A blind teen keen to assert his independence begins to push away his mother and his best friend. He even considers leaving school, but he changes his mind when a new student shows an interest in him. (FYI this is the short film version of The Way He Looks, which is also fantastic).

Directed by: Daniel Ribeiro

Starring: Ghilherme Lobo, Tess Amorim, Fabio Audi

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10. Dare

Two shirtless guys sit beside a pool in conversation
Peccadillo Pictures/Strand Releasing/Adam Salky

This is an all-time classic! A popular boy has his nerdy classmate over to help him with school work, but when they start goofing off in the pool, tensions start to rise.

Directed by: Adam Salky

Starring: Michael Cassidy, Adam Fleming, Marla Burkholder

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11. We Once Were Tide

Two guys hide away in a cave and stare at each other longingly
Cinemien/Peccadillo Pictures/Jason Bradbury

Two guys living in a remote area of the Isle of Wight spend their last day together before one of them moves away for good.

Directed by: Jason Bradbury

Starring: Alexander Scott, Tristan Bernays, Mandy Aldridge

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12. Lloyd Neck

Two guys sit in a golden field next to each other laughing
Saturday Pictures (II)/bcampbell115

There's no actual kissing in this one, but there's a simmering romance that I think is well worth mentioning! Two high schoolers on the brink of a change in their lives skirt around the fact that they like each other, much to the chagrin of the little sister of one of them.

Directed by: Benedict Campbell

Starring: Aaron Michael Davies, Brian Dare, Carina Goldbach

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13. Closets

A teenager boy stands behind another teenage boy holding him up against him and covering his mouth in a bedroom
Lemfilms/Peccadillo Pictures

In this poignant time travel short, a gay teen in the present is helped by a gay teen in the past who lived/are living in the same bedroom, and have been through similar struggles. Side note: I'm also 100% here for the Waterloo Road reunion happening in this film!!

Directed by: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

Starring: Ceallach Spellman, Tommy Knight, Julie Hesmondhalgh

View this video on YouTube

Note: this Q&A edition is the only full-length version of the film I could find!

14. Delivery Boy

A guy stands behind a guy in the street looking apologetic
IXII Productions/Hugo Kenzo

A teen delivers dumplings to upscale apartments all over Hong Kong. He takes a liking to a handsome British expat, but struggles to get him to notice him in the way he desperately wants him to.

Directed by: Hugo Kenzo

Starring: Cheuk Piu "Champi" Lo, Phillip Smith, Thisby Cheng

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15. Thirst

Two guys sit in a desert looking forlorn
Sam Spiegel Film & Television School/Guy Sahaf

Two men on a desert trek together violently lock heads when one of them wilfully loses their water and their way.

Directed by: Guy Sahaf

Starring: Dor Ronen, Ziv Shalit

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16. Submerged

Two guys stand in a swimming pool looking at each other
Nate Nie's Film Log

Frustrated by the online dating game, a guy decides to go on an actual date with a one-night stand from several months before, but the experience throws up issues he has yet to confront.

Directed by: Nathan Nie

Starring: Harrison Grant, Matthew Bunker

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17. Eden

Shirtless guy looks shocked he sits next to another guy whose face we cannot see
Warsaw Film School/Jedrzej Gorski

Short but sweet, this movie depicts a guy struggling to balance his faith with his feelings for another man.

Directed by: Jędrzej Gorski

Starring: Daniel Namiotko, Daniel Skrzypczak

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18. PRIA

Young guy sits in his living room and has his hair buzzed short
Babibutafilm/IndieFlip/NQV Media/Yudho Aditya

Despite already having his life planned out for him by his traditional parents, a muslim teenager can't stop himself being drawn to his worldly English teacher.

Directed by: Yudho Aditya

Starring: Chicco Kurniawan, Karlina Inawati, Jacob McCarthy

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19. Sign

Two sitting on the sofa together watching TV
Peccadillo Pictures

Two guys catch each other's eye at their local subway station. When one strikes up the courage to talk to the other, he realises his crush is deaf. 

Directed by: Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Starring: John P. McGinty, Preston Sadleir

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20. Marco

Man puts his hand on another man's face lovingly as the sit in a nice London apartment
Europa Editions/Marco Short Film

A wealthy banker invites a sex worker to his apartment, and ends up having to deal with his own past as well as the reality of a humanitarian crises that hits close to home for him.

Directed by: Saleem Haddad

Starring: Zed Josef, Marwan Kaabour

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21. Straight A

A guy stands another guy's doorstep he looks unimpressed and crosses his arms

A student hides his loving boyfriend from his conservative father, but in order take things to the next level, he must reveal his biggest secret.

Directed by: Mariana Thome

Starring:  Todd Lien, Zach Cramblit, Nathan Chen

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22. Fag

Two guys in silhouette put their heads together
Les Faquins/Les Malandrins/Olivier Lallart

A self-effacing teenager is outed after he admits to kissing another guy at a party and liking it. You know who else liked it though? The guy he kissed! However, he's not going it admit that in hurry.

Directed by: Olivier Lallart

Starring: Paul Gomerieux, Jacques Lepesqueur, Yannis Perrier-Gustin

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23. Zero One

A guy and a girl sit together a table with drinks on a NYC rooftop
Don't Believe Jack Productions/The Queer Network

A New Yorker returns home from Korea admidst an existential crisis, only to find his home city doesn't feel so homely anymore.

Directed by: Nick Neon

Starring: Nick Neon, Taylor Bloom, J.J. Mattise

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Have we missed out any great gay shorts from the YouTube sphere? Let us know in the comments!