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    Updated on Jul 16, 2020. Posted on Jul 16, 2020

    "Waterloo Road" Was The Wildest Show Ever, These 19 Moments Prove It

    Why wasn't the school shut down?!

    1. When Donte accidentally killed Adam in the first episode.

    Donte behind the steering wheel of a limo, Adam leaning out the sunroof
    BBC / Via

    When the show kicked off with a 15-year-old joyriding (then crashing) his dad's limo, we knew we were in for a wild ride.

    2. When the canteen exploded and a bunch of the kids were trapped in the corridor, Titanic style.

    BBC / Via

    Because naturally, there was an open gas cannister in the kitchen.

    3. When Lindsay confessed to murdering her dad.

    Close up of Lindsay in the courtroom
    BBC / Via

    This was obviously a heartbreaking scene, but I'm still confused as to why all her friends and teachers were in the courtroom as well.

    4. When Donte and Chlo got married after school, and then later split up because she cheated with her sister's boyfriend.

    Janeece, Maxine, Donte, Chlo, Donte's dad, Brett, and Mika standing outside a church after the wedding
    BBC / Via

    The Ross and Rachel of our time.

    5. When Kim smuggled a baby from Rwanda.

    Close up of Kim and Grace
    BBC / Via

    The baby was taken away because of the human trafficking, and no one batted an eyelid.

    6. When Earl brought a gun into school, then basically framed his little brother for it.

    Photoset of Earl pulling out a gun and threatening Bolton
    BBC / Via

    Where did he even get a gun from?!

    7. When Maxine buried her stillborn baby in the school field.

    Forensic tent and police officers in the school playground
    BBC / Via

    This was awful, but why would you do this on school grounds?!

    8. When it was revealed that Jack used £20,000 of school funds to pay parents to send their kids to the school.

    Close up of Jack looking distressed
    BBC / Via

    Obviously this is bad, but judging by the state of the school, you can kind of see his motives.

    9. When Flick's dad tore down half the school with a digger because he didn't like her boyfriend.

    Eddie and Rachel standing outside the destroyed school building
    BBC / Via

    Logic was never WR's speciality.

    10. When Janeece almost had her baby in the girl's toilet.

    Close up of Janeece having gas and air
    BBC / Via

    This is quite tame compared to some of the other moments, but it's kind of weird when you remember that she was planning on giving her baby to the food tech teacher to raise.

    11. The fact that Mr Clarkson became the legal guardian of five children at the school because he kept dating parents.

    Mr Clarkson speaking with Rose Kelly

    He needed to get out more...

    12. When Shelby downed a bottle of vodka right before doing her art exam.

    Shelby looking suspicious next to a shelf of vodka
    BBC / Via

    Just another day in Waterloo Road, eh.

    13. When Mr Mead followed a student into a strip club to see if she was an exotic dancer.

    Mr Mead looking shocked at Vicki, who is wearing a revealing silver outfit
    BBC / Via

    He had her best interests at heart, but this is not a good look.

    14. When we found out Earl was planning to sell his baby on the black market.

    Maxing speaking to Jade, who is holding a newborn baby
    BBC / Via

    For £5,000!

    15. And then he killed Maxine when she broke up with him.

    Close of Maxine, who is crying and looking at Earl
    BBC / Via

    Every '00s teen was scarred by this scene.

    16. When the entire school upped and moved to SCOTLAND.

    The school bus leaving the Rochdale grounds
    BBC / Via

    Why would families uproot their entire lives just so their kids could continue attending their crappy school?

    17. When Denzil died after everyone got out to take photos at the border...

    A group photo of the children and students in front of the 'Welcome to Scotland' sign

    Picture this: the whole school is moving country on one big coach, they hop out to take a group shot, only for festitivies to be ruined by a drunk lorry driver. WTF?!

    18. And Tariq discovered he had been left paralysed, in the most dramatic way possible.

    Tariq falling to his knees in a vast space
    BBC / Via

    19. When Mr Clarkson fell to his death.

    Christine holding Mr Clarkson's hands as he lies on the ground
    BBC / Via

    The fact that he fell saving George Sampson of all people made this so much worse.

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