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Just 17 Brilliant LGBTQ+ Movies To Watch If You Like The Look Of "My Fake Boyfriend"

Queer rom-coms for the win!

My Fake Boyfriend just dropped on Prime Video in the UK last weekend, and people are loving the fact that the "queer rom-com" is now totally a thing... And about time too!

Two men look at each other affectionately near the kiosk of a movie theatre snack bar

If My Fake Boyfriend has got you in the mood for watching queer people fall in love, look no further than these 17 romantic movies guaranteed to bring a smile to your face this Pride month!

Note: these streaming options are for UK residents. You may have to dig around to find these movies in your own locations!

1. The Thing About Harry

Two young men sit in a car together side by side looking bemused

2. Crush

Three turns stand in a high school corridor looking confused at something off screen

3. Single All The Way

Two men stand arm in arm in a snowy neighbourhood and look at a house off screen

4. G.B.F.

three girls and one guy stand in a school corridor looking at the camera sassily

5. Dating Amber

two teens lie down in opposite directions the girl wear sunnies and has a lollipop the guy looks worried and holds a book

6. Weekend

two men sit on a couch and look at each other adoringly

7. Happiest Season

Several family members stand in a line looking happy and hugging

8. Get Real

Two boys wearing school uniforms joke around outside

9. Summerland

Two women stand in a forest area and gaze as something off camera they look like they are holding each other

10. Handsome Devil

two young men stand next to each other in a changing room but they are fully clothed and they look cross

11. Shelter

two men and a young boy stand on a roof garden surrounded by urban area

12. Saving Face

two women dance together and stare at one another in a dance hall

13. The Way He Looks

two boys sit in a bedroom together one looks at the other but he is blind and looks straight ahead

14. Firebird

two men hold each other close near a rock in the ocean they are both topless and looking at something in the distance

15. But I'm a Cheerleader

two women standing in a lurid pink room wearing pink outfits and looking wide eyed at something off camera

16. Eating Out

three men and two women pose together in a desert landscape two of the men are shirtless

17. And of course... Love, Simon

two young men ride a ferris wheel together and gaze at one another

Are there any great LGBTQ+ rom-coms we missed? Let us know in the comments!

My Fake Boyfriend, the new rom-com from BuzzFeed Studios, is available to stream now on Prime Video in UK now! Check out the trailer below, and FYI – if you're in the US, My Fake Boyfriend will be out June 17!

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