15 Child Stars Who Have Been Acting Their Whole Entire Life, Like, Their First Role Was As A Literal Baby

    These actors got started in the industry before they could sign their contracts or get to their jobs on their own.

    Hollywood is a strange place. For some people, it takes decades to get their big break. For others, it takes months, maybe a few years, tops.

    Child stars have been a staple of Hollywood since the earliest days. Today, child stars are a mixed bunch, with some finding success and thriving into adulthood while others find trouble with the pressures of such fame and notoriety at a recent age.

    Some stars get their start seriously young, like these famous faces you've probably grown up alongside.

    1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were months old when they started their shared run as Michelle Tanner on Full House. Though they've switched lanes to fashion since, the two are still beloved figures who have spent their whole lives in the spotlight.

    2. There was also Jurnee Smollet, who first appeared on Full House when she was six as Michelle's best friend, Denise Fraser. Smollet most recently appeared in 2022's Lou.

    3. Dylan and Cole Sprouse started as toddlers as Patrick Kelly on Grace Under Fire. Unlike Mary-Kate and Ashley, these twins decided to stay in the business, with both brothers continuing to grow into new roles today.

    4. Raven Symoné was four when she made her debut as Olivia Kendall on The Cosby Show. She's still making family TV, starring on Raven's Home on Disney+.

    5. Cali and Noelle Sheldon shared the role of Ross and Rachel's infant daughter Emma on Friends. The two most recently appeared in Jordan Peele's Us.

    6. Drew Barrymore came from movie royalty, which is why it probably wasn't too weird that she was just three years old when she was in her first TV movie, Suddenly Love, in an uncredited role. She would get her first credit two years later in Bogie. Today, she's a talk show host and superstar who has overcome countless struggles to thrive.

    7. Tahj Mowry was four years old when he got his first gig on Who's The Boss? which was quickly followed by his own stint on Full House. Tahj continues to act today, most recently in the series How We Roll.

    8. Leonardo DiCaprio made his first appearance on screen on Romper Room in 1979, and today, he's one of the biggest talents out there.

    9. Abigail Breslin was six when she appeared in Signs. Now at 26, she's still acting, most recently in Miranda's Victim. She also recently tied the knot.

    10. Quvenzhané Wallis was just six years old when she earned an Oscar nomination for her first role, as Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild. Since then, she's been in a Beyoncé video and is still acting at 19, most recently on American Horror Stories.

    11. Dakota Fanning started acting with a number of TV roles in 2000 — including spots on Ally McBeal, ER, and Spin City. In 2001, she was in I Am Sam, and the rest is history. At 29, she has three projects in the works and most recently was in The First Lady as Susan Ford.

    12. Lindsay Lohan also started her acting career at six with a guest spot on Guiding Light. A millennial favorite and multihyphenate, the mom-to-be (!!!) is still acting and most recently appeared in Falling for Christmas.

    13. Haley Joel Osment was six when he burst on the scene in a few 1994 projects, most notably his role as Forrest Jr. in Forrest Gump. These days, Osment does more voice acting than traditional acting but is still very much in the business.

    14. Jonathan Lipnicki became a whole national phenomenon at six for his role as Ray Boyd in Jerry Maguire. While he hasn't had an acting credit since 2021, IMDb says he has three projects in the works!

    15. Natalie Portman was just 12 years old when she starred in The Professional and proved she has major acting chops. Nearly 30 years later, Portman is still a major movie star, most recently appearing in Thor: Love & Thunder.

    Who are your faves from this list? What kid stars did we forget? Let's talk in the comments.