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8 Movie Makeovers That Were Utterly Unforgettable And 7 That Were Absolutely Unnecessary

When a person doesn't have to change but they want to.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what's the best ever makeover on screen and what is the worst. Here are some of the best suggestions!

1. That Clueless makeover was a little... clueless.

Paramount Pictures

"The worst has to be Tai's makeover from Clueless because it was just so forced on her and unnecessary!"


2. But Toula's transformation in My Big Fat Greek Wedding was supreme!

IFC Films

"A great makeover and she did it herself! It was about coming out of her shell and wanting more for herself, but on her own time."


"She took control of her life and went from frumpy to beautiful and confident."


3. We may have hated the makeover scene in The Princess Diaries.

Buena Vista Pictures

"The makeover didn't give her more confidence, it made her feel like she was losing herself."


"It's unnecessary and promotes hate on your natural hair. They should've given her proper treatments or a routine for curly hair, instead of just straightening it."


4. But we loved Andy's metamorphosis in The Devil Wears Prada.

20th Century Fox

"Girl starts taking her job seriously and undergoes a makeover to impress her boss and colleagues? Yes to that."


"That one is great, except for losing weight."


5. Laney did NOT need that makeover in She’s All That.

Miramax Films

"Why did she have to change herself to get a guy who was clearly already interested in her, but was too embarrassed to be seen with her around his snobby ass friends?"


"COME ON! All they did was give her a red dress, trim her hair, and remove her glasses. She was already pretty to begin with! It was rightfully parodied in Not Another Teen Movie.


6. But Tess's punk upgrade in Freaky Friday can rock on!

Buena Vista Pictures

"Jamie Lee Curtis sells that role, and it's more for laughs than it is to say 'oh look, she's pretty now'. And I'll be honest, I wanted that funky dress."


7. Katniss didn't need to change to show her true colours in The Hunger Games films.


"She was so clearly out of her comfort zone, and it was so ridiculous to pretty everyone up before they went into a bloodthirsty killing competition!"


8. But we were all living for Edna's new look in Hairspray!

New Line Cinema

"This makeover holds a special place in my heart, not just cos I was in a production of Hairspray, but because it helps Tracy and Edna feel more confident without focusing on making them skinny."


9. Chase's makeover in Drive Me Crazy was a fail.

20th Century Fox

"There definitely needs to be more male makeover scenes, but this one is just awful! They dress him in the plainest, ugliest clothes and change his hair from adorable curls to a yucky gelled mess. He was unequivocally wayyy better-looking before!"


10. But Ronald's wardrobe adjustment in Can't Buy Me Love was a definite improvement.

Buena Vista Pictures

I love a good man makeover – there aren’t enough of them. Plus... Patrick Dempsey!"


11. Allison's makeover in The Breakfast Club was not cool.

Universal Pictures

"I thought it defeated the entire purpose of the movie – to see beyond appearances and attitudes. It actually made me kind of angry, and I like to think after that day she went back to her usual style choices."


12. But when Daria remade herself to prove a point, it was fierce af!


"There's an episode of Daria where her sister Quinn begins dressing to look smart instead of in her usual 'popular girl' garb and it really bugs Daria. So she, in turn, makes herself over to be conventionally pretty just to get at Quinn. She never even leaves the house. I just love how it shows that women who dress alternatively do it because they like it, not because they don't know how to dress and need someone's help."


13. The Enchanted makeover didn't hit quite right.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"At the start of the film, Amy Adams looks so beautiful and she's confident walking around in her princess dresses, but then for the dance scene she’s put in a really drab dress and bland makeup and it’s supposed to be a ‘wow’ moment, but really she’s lost everything that Robert fell in love with."


14. But every Audrey Hepburn transformation deserves its own oscar!

Paramount Pictures

"The one in Sabrina where she comes back from Paris as a mature, worldly woman is my fave because you can tell it was all her doing."


"Audrey is a queen of movie makeovers! Sabrina, My Fair Lady – they're all amazing."


15. And lastly – an iconic transformation for the ages.

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Miss Congeniality for a couple of reasons... 1) it's relevant to the plot. I hate when movies make it seem like a person is only worthwhile once they've changed their appearance, but this makeover is necessary for her to actually accomplish her mission as an undercover agent. 2) the scene is hilarious!"


"I just love how they're clearly taking the piss! She also hasn't changed as a person, while most characters have an 'omg I'm finally beautiful' moment, she's the same as she ever was."


Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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