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    46 Under-$20 Home Products That People Actually Swear By

    Seriously, no need to break the bank when it comes to making your home life easier.

    1. A Spatty that's specifically designed to help you get at least 25% more product out of any bottle, container, or receptacle with a narrow opening. Now you WILL use every last drop of that expensive moisturizer that's saved your face this summer.

    Spatty being used to apply tomato sauce to pizza crust

    2. A skeleton ice cube mold tray to make four HUGE ice cubes. Listen, we get that the skull is cool, but the practical side is just as good: because the cube is so big, it'll take waaaay longer to melt. Your drinks will stay cool and not watered down for quite awhile.

    3. A sheet of stick-on sound dampeners that attaches to your cabinet doors, so if someone — say, a roommate at 2 a.m. — accidentally slams the door shut, it won't make nearly as much noise as before.

    4. An underwear and sock divider insert because you deserve to open a drawer and actually see what your options are instead of feeling like you're staring into the abyss.

    Underwear and socks rolled up in storage insert

    5. A set of four vintage-style botanical prints that are 8x10 each. Just separately pick out whatever frames suit your aesthetic and voilà! Your wall looks like something out of a museum.

    Set of four vintage botanical prints

    6. A set of poison- and pesticide-free "disgustingly effective" sticky insect traps to get any infestation of flying insects under control. Reviewers swear that these traps completely wipe out common houseplant insects.

    7. A reusable sponge made out of bold and graphic fabrics that have a soft side for sensitive surfaces and a polyester side for scrubbing. Each sponge is mildew-resistant, machine-washable, hypoallergenic, and made from recycled materials.

    8. A rapid egg cooker to easily cook up to six eggs any way you desire. Poached? You got it. Hard-boiled? Done. It can even make omelettes. Simply select your number of eggs and set the timer. When it's done it'll automatically shut off.

    Rapid egg cooker in blue

    9. A special shelf for books that — thanks to unique hardware — literally makes it look like your books are floating on the wall.

    10. A surge protector with six pivoting outlets to make sure you don't have to unplug one device to use another.

    Surge protector with six outlets on wall

    11. A set of minimalist natural wood hooks that are both practical and cool looking.

    Four natural wood hooks on wall

    12. An over-the-door shoe organizer for keeping all your flats and sneakers off of the ground and on display. A third of the cubbies are clear — perfect for displaying other accessories like belts or small bags.

    Over-the-door shoe organizer

    13. A carpet spot remover that will remove even the most intense messes from carpets. Simply spray, rub, and boom! Your carpet will be like new again.

    14. A wall-mounted mail organizer complete with key rack for making sure all the essentials are organized in your entryway. Never again will you be late to brunch because you can't find your keys.

    Mail in wall organization system, keys dangling on hooks

    15. A storage system to stack pans in the cupboard. Because why is it the pan you need is *always* at the bottom of the pan pile?

    Pans stacked in organization system

    16. A silicone safeguard for preventing hot oil or water spills and splashes from the pot. The lid has a steam-release vent and is made from silicone, so it's easy to grip when you need to sneak a peek or remove it entirely.

    Water bubbling over on silicone safeguard

    17. A textured ombre shower curtain with rust-resistant rings. It's also machine-washable, so when the corners inevitably get gross just pop it in the washing machine and it'll be like new again.

    Textured ombre shower curtain

    18. Reusable towels for easy (and beautiful) clean up. Just wring them out before throwing them in the wash and they'll be just like new (again and again).

    Various towels of different color on table

    19. A wooden phone dock so that you can watch TikTok while you eat your lunch at your desk. You only have so many hands.

    Wooden phone dock on table

    20. A set of loop hangers for organizing everything from scarves and leggings to belts and ties. Imagine all the space you'll save!

    21. A photo mobile to show off your favorite photos and postcards in a cool, artsy wall. Bonus: it obviously doesn't take up any precious wall space.

    Photo mobile with clippings hanging

    22. A "things to do around the house" pad for keeping yourself and others accountable. It also has a shopping list section that everyone can contribute to.

    "Things To Do Around The House" checklist notepad

    23. A mini bamboo brush and dustpan to clean up tiny messes. Thanks to its clever design, the brush actually nestles right into the dustpan so you don't lose one or the other.

    Mini bamboo brush and dustpan in hand

    24. A flexible shower caddy, because the ones that allegedly suction to the wall always fall off.

    Gray shower caddy with shampoos and loofah

    25. A reusable silicone bag that's absolutely perfect for storing leftovers. These baddies are leakproof, dishwasher-safe, and can be used in the freezer.

    Silicone bag containing leftover sandwich

    26. A set of silicone straws (with a cleaning brush) so you can look super stylish while also saving the turtles.

    27. A house-shaped tissue box for adding a touch of character to an otherwise bland product.

    House-shaped white tissue box cover

    28. A geometric bookend that doubles as a way to show off cool stuff, like dried flowers, photos, and other trinkets.

    Geometric bookends in black and white

    29. A hanging cotton canvas laundry bag in case you're out of floor space or have limited mobility. Perfect for those living in dorms or who are on vacation.

    Canvas laundry bag hanging on door knob

    30. A rechargeable electric lighter which requires no flame, which makes it windproof, aka a whole lot easier to use outside.

    31. A set of fridge organization labels that have a ton of font, size, and color options. Imagine opening your fridge and everything is exactly where it's supposed to be.

    32. A stainless-steel fish turner with slots for lifting, turning, and transferring whole fish and filets. Never again will you go to expertly turn a fish over, only to have it crumble into the pan because your spatula was too small.

    Stainless steel fish turner turning a piece of salmon

    33. A magnetized kitchen conversions chart to put on your fridge for quick conversions. Gone will be the days when you're scrambling to do the math for a measurement, all the while your food is starting to burn.

    A closeup of the chart shows the different conversions

    34. A drip catcher for soaking up water splashes and puddles that form around your kitchen faucet. Pools of standing water on your countertop can increase bacteria growth, and this product makes sure that never happens.

    35. A five-in-one multitool that can truly do it all. It's a slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, turner, and a cutting tool! And yes of course it's dishwasher-safe.

    36. A cute and colorful cord wrap to make sure your electronics cords never get tangled again. It also perfectly fits earbuds.

    37. An adjustable reading clip that's both dimmable and wireless. Simply charge it via USB and boom, you got yourself a reading light.

    Adjustable reading clip attached to desk surface

    38. A pack of three of battery-powered stick-anywhere lights to illuminate those tough areas like closets, drawers, and staircases.

    Adhesive light sensors being placed in drawer, closet, stairway, and book shelf

    39. A foldable cutting board that feeds two birds with one scone. Because who has the time to chop veggies on a cutting board and then use another tool to get said veggies into the pan?

    Foldable cutting board being used to transfer mushrooms into pot

    40. A set of magnetic spice jar dispensers to show what spice is in the jar through a clear window in the front. This is also the perfect product for anyone who's short on cabinet space but has a lot of spices.

    Magnetic spice jars attached to refrigerator

    41. An avocado slicer for effortlessly slicing avocado. Now your avocado toast will look like something out of a magazine.

    Avocado slicer slicing into avocado

    42. A grill scrubber designed specifically to remove grease and grime from grills. It's stone, so it does the hard work so you don't have to.

    Grill scrubber in hand being used on grill

    43. A pack of bed-sheet suspenders that will make sure your fitted sheet STAYS FITTED! Too often the corners of sheets creep off the mattress, and it's always in the middle of the night. This product fixes that problem.

    Bed-sheet suspenders holding yellow sheets onto mattress

    44. Five seeds for a Bowiea volubilis (Climbing Onion). Imagine the statement this bb will make after you grow it from seed.

    Bowiea Volubilis climbing onion planet

    45. An over-the-door towel rack that'll give you some much-needed storage space without being an eyesore.