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    31 Amazing Bookends You'll Want To Add To Your Shelf Immediately

    They're truly for the books!

    1. A cat bookend to make a purrrrfect cat-person statement piece.

    2. An acrylic collator bookend that, in addition to propping up your books, will also hold papers and folders for you in its built-in slots.

    3. A curvy, stackable bookend — it'll give you the freedom to mix and match.

    4. A light-green onyx bookend for a touch of elegance.

    5. An art deco bookend to let your guests know you're not just any reader — you're a sophisticated reader.

    6. A minimalist bookend with a retro twist that'll give your shelf a little personality.

    7. An powder-coated steel bookend, because you've gotta hand it to 'em: they really make a shelf!

    8. A concrete step bookend that'll offer up a special place to display your favorite air plants.

    9. A balloon dog bookend if you're down to clown with your decor.

    10. A cylindrical brass bookend for a regal accent.

    11. A Nordic flower bookend that you'll only grow more fond of in time.

    12. An agate bookend for a piece of affordable luxury.

    13. A hand-carved marble bookend that'll say "I'm an adult!" loud and clear.

    14. A sculptural concrete bookend if you don't believe in having boring shapes in your house.

    15. A "falling" bookend that proves setting a scene isn't just the job of a book — bookends can do it too.

    16. A geometric bookend you can decorate with dried flowers or photos.

    17. A paper airplane bookend that'll really elevate your bookcase.

    18. A wavy stainless steel bookend for a simple and natural sparkle.

    19. A crystal-glass arch bookend to add a pop of color.

    20. A simple, geometric bookend, because you should (sing-songy Girl Scout voice) buy new books and keep the old — one bookend is copper and the other is gold (fine, BRASS).

    21. A Dobby bookend to pay tribute to the empowered house elf who did absolutely nothing to deserve his grim fate.

    22. A bike bookend that'll accurately reflect the wheels turning in your brain when you read a life-affirming book.

    23. A marble pyramid bookend for some straight-up luxury.

    24. A cactus bookend can give you a poke to finally organize your shelf.

    25. A samurai sword bookend you'll definitely want to give a stab.

    26. A hand-turned maple bookend for anyone who can't resist a smooth wooden curve.

    27. A vase bookend if you're limited on space and would prefer something that can serve double duty.

    28. An evolution bookend for the evolved reader.

    29. An earthenware bookend that finds a fascinating balance of cubist and Mayan carving–inspired art.

    30. A brain bookend you'll definitely want to use to prop up your books, no matter if you're a left-brain or a right-brain.

    31. And a satin-polished stainless steel bookend if you're looking for a subtle accent piece.

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