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    18 Incredibly Rude Things Society Has Normalized That Need To Come To An End

    If you do any of these, this is your wake-up call to stop!

    We recently shared a Reddit thread, started by u/emilychaan, that was filled with super-rude things that have somehow been normalized by society.

    Stephanie from "Full House" saying "how rude"

    The comments section was soon flooded with even more points! So here are some more insulting things that society has somehow normalized.

    Alexis from "Schitt's Creek" saying, "Okay, go on"

    1. "Smacking your gum and chewing with your mouth open."

    2. "Helping blind people across the street without warning them or asking them first."

    "My friend says people will just grab her arm and drag her across the street, and it drives her nuts. It scares the shit out of her and then people get annoyed with her when she reacts afraid. Always announce your presence and ask if they need any help before making assumptions. My friend could tap her way from New York to California without help from anyone."


    3. "Asking Asian people where they're from and then saying, 'No, where are you REALLY from?' when they tell you where you're from."

    Jimmy Fallon asking someone where they are originally from

    4. "Giving unsolicited advice."

    "People always think they're doing God's work by giving other people advice or their opinion that THEY DIDNT ASK FOR!!!"


    5. "Smoking cigarettes in public areas that aren't designated for smoking."

    6. "Playing music loudly in their cars or at the beach."

    "I shouldn’t have to listen to your music."


    7. "Not RSVP'ing when invited to a party."

    An RSVP card with a red X on it

    8. "Asking strangers with disabilities 'What happened?' or 'What's wrong with your legs?'"

    "I am a wheelchair user, and I don’t owe any stranger information about my body. Stop being so nosy and acting like it’s your right to know about my disability."


    9. "Touching a service dog without asking."

    10. "Telling people who are struggling with a life-threatening illness to 'stay positive' or something like, 'My aunt's best friend's uncle had cancer and lived 10 years longer.'"

    "Nobody who has ever said any of these things has said anything to me like, ‘That’s horrible.’ ’How are you going to deal with this?' or ‘What do you need?' There are times when the treatments, appointments, and having doctors/nurses poke and prod you are so overwhelming that it's impossible to 'stay positive.'"


    11. "Honking your horn to get someone's attention unless it's for an emergency."

    12. "People not taking their earphones out or not coming off their phone when being served."


    13. "Ghosting people."

    14. "Spitting in public."



    15. "Touching a stranger's baby without asking."

    Someone pinching a baby's cheeks

    16. "Asking a coworker why they have a doctor's note when they can't do something because of said note."

    "I have a doctor's note saying I can't do overtime. I don't want to give my health status every time we are short-staffed and I can't stay more than eight hours. I look and act 'normal,' but I have invisible disabilities (mental and physical). If people question my note, I just tell them, 'You can take it up with my doctor. He wrote the note.'"


    17. "When people look at my phone or computer screen when I'm using it."

    Man looking over a woman's shoulder on the train at her phone screen.

    18. And last but not least, "Using mental illnesses as adjectives."

    "Saying, 'I'm so OCD,' or 'The weather is so bipolar today,' when people actually struggle with OCD and bipolar disorder is so fucking disrespectful."