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    17 Super Rude Things That Have Somehow Been Totally Normalized By Society

    If you do any of these things, please stop!

    Sadly, there are absolutely wayyyy too many things that have been normalized by society that are actually pretty rude.

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    And that's why when Reddit user u/emilychaan asked, "What is one thing that you find super rude but is very normalized in society?" people had plenty of things to share.

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    So here are just 17 rude things that have somehow become normalized in society.

    1. "Never letting someone know if their job application was rejected."

    "I wish they would let me know if they didn't want me so I could move on and not have hope. The ghosting kinda puts everyone in limbo and sends even more applications elsewhere."


    2. "Being told to smile."

    3. "How cashiers/customer service workers have to absorb all the hate and rudeness from customers and remain calm or else they'll get in trouble."


    4. "Always being late."

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    5. "Not respecting one's personal space and time."

    "Also, stop looking at other people's phones while they're using them."


    6. "Asking when someone is getting married or having kids."

    7. "When people 'sample' fruit at the grocery store without asking."

    "Super fucking rude. People who steal produce like that would probably not be so eager to if they only knew the pesticides, dirt, bacteria, and mites that live on the outside of unwashed fruit."


    8. "Making comments about someone's weight and how much or little they're eating."

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    9. "Touching other people you don't know."

    "Everyone feels like they can pat you on the back or ask to touch your hair, especially as a Black woman. Why are people so okay with it?"


    10. "Throwing cigarette butts on the ground."

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    11. "Asking someone you just met what their occupation is and how much money they make."

    "And you always have to explain your answer."


    12. "Touching pregnant women's stomachs."

    13. "Not responding when a cashier or employee says 'how are you today?'"


    14. "Reclining a seat on an airplane without asking the person behind you."

    15. "People who always say things like 'Cheer up!' or 'Why are you so miserable?'"

    "It’s no one's business, and they don’t know what’s going on in other people's heads, but nobody ever tells them not to do that!"


    16. "The idea that anyone feminine-presenting is female and anyone masculine-presenting is male."

    "There are so many reasons this is wrong. Also, you could just be wrong about how you see someone as presenting! The norm should be to use they/them pronouns until you know. Also, NORMALIZE ASKING FOR PRONOUNS! I identify as genderfluid, so I use she/they/he, and my friends ask my pronouns regularly."


    17. Finally, "people glancing at their phones when you are having a conversation with them."

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    What are some incredibly rude things that you believe are too accepted by society? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!