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    This Kid Took Revenge For 200 Years Of Colonisation By Stomping On Will And Kate's Feet

    Who knew payback could be so cute?

    Quick history refresher – India has had an iffy relationship with Britain, what with the two centuries of colonisation and all.

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    And other than a few odd moments here and there, us Indians can't really claim to have exacted any sort of revenge from them.

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    (Not for lack of trying, though.)

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    Well, British royalty William and Catherine were on a tour of India this week and stopped by Guwahati on 12 April for a traditional celebration at Bihu.

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    Enter this little hero, who managed to get us a lot of the payback we needed, despite his tiny exterior.

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    In a 30-second reign of terror, the little boy started by *literally* kicking Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, on the foot...

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    But he wasn't done just yet. In an epic display of thugassery, he proceeded to do it AGAIN to Prince William.

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    In case you forgot, that's the guy who's second in line to take over the British throne.

    For his great escape, the lil' legend made a quick getaway to his dad.

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    Perhaps disarmed by his cuteness, the royal couple could do little but sit there and take it.

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    (JK they loved him and actually found his mischief pretty hilarious.)

    Seriously, how can you get mad at this adorableness?

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    Best. Retribution. Ever.