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This Picture Of Prince Will's Hand Was Taken After He Shook Hands With Modi, And It's Crazy

If this is the handshake, imagine the hug.

In case you missed it, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have been on a tour of India this past week.

On 12 April, the prince met prime minister Narendra Modi and posed for photographers with the customary handshake.

While you might think this handshake was like any other, Prince William's hands told a different tale.

The tale of how PM Modi has the grip of a goddamn hero.

While William gritted his teeth, trying to grin and bear PM Modi's deathclamp, Catherine stood blissfully unaware of the pain her husband was in just a few feet away.

Turns out, this isn't the first time our prime minister's palms have claimed an innocent victim...

Leaders from around the world have silently borne the brunt of Narendra "Muscleman" Modi.

It's only Prince William's overly pale skin that has made Modi's strength so apparent.

While Modi's supporters have been preaching stories of his 56-inch chest, turns out that it's his palms that they should have rightly been peddling.

In conclusion – an accurate recreation of a PM Modi handshake (probably).