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26 Times The Indian Internet Blew Up In 2015

It's been an eventful year online.

1. When beef was banned in Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra, all chicken, goats and sheep are currently thinking - Why do gais have all the fun? #BeefBan

2. When Maggi was banned all over India.

Maggi is banned & recalled.... Now forced to eat Raita ...

3. When the Sheena Bora murder case had an entire nation trying to solve the mystery.

4. When Aamir Khan spoke about intolerance.

5. When "pure and pious" Radhe Maa got embroiled in a controversy and became an instant meme.

When you search for 'red', Google gives you this. #YoRadheMaaSoRed

6. When PM Modi wore a suit with his own name embroidered on it.

7. When PM Modi went to China.

8. When PM Modi went to London.

Queen: Welcome Modiji Modi: Hi..Abey ye toh Titanic wali hai na!!

9. When PM Modi met Obama.

When an NRI relative gets you everything on the shopping list you emailed them:

10. When PM Modi met Mark Zuckerberg.

11. When PM Modi was called "a coward and a psychopath" by Arvind Kejriwal.

12. When a photo with PM Modi turned into a hilarious meme.

13. When Salman Khan was convicted in the 2002 hit-and-run case...

Being Human | Summer -15 collection #SalmanVerdict

14. And when his conviction was overturned.

Spelling bee: Jury: Your word is Salman Khan. Me: Can I use it in a sentence? Jury: Sorry, there will be no sentence.

15. When AIB's Roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor was uploaded online and got embroiled in all sorts of controversy.

Not your cup of tea...don't drink it!!!

16. When the internet mourned the loss of a beloved man.


17. When Bollywood actresses, including Sonam Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Shruti Seth, criticised the government and faced online attacks from all its supporters.

Actress uses the word 'misogynistic' incorrectly. Twitter comes together to teach her what it exactly means through live demonstration.

18. When Arnab was shown the finger on live TV.

TMC Spokesperson, Mohua Moitra Shows Middle Finger To Arnab On #TheNewsHour. LOL!

19. When Jerry Seinfeld's show got cancelled because of parking issues.

Why did Jerry Seinfeld cross the road? Because there's no parking on either sides. #SeinfeldCancelled

20. When Shashi Tharoor gave the Britishers a speech about reparations, and Indians found a new hero.

The Viral Fever / Via Facebook: sabqtiyapahai

21. When Baahubali became the highest grossing Indian movie of all time.

22. When everyone had an opinion about Deepika Padukone's My Choice video.

Gandhi ji searching for Women Empowerment in Deepika's video. #MyChoice

23. When the most memed filmstar of 2014 decided to make a sequel in 2015.

When you visit a barber shop after 6 months.

24. When everyone disapproved of Chetan Bhagat's opinions about historians.

@chetan_bhagat What do authors do? I am genuinely curious. Judge one talent show, then judge one dance show. Ok work done for the day.

25. When everyone turned World Yoga Day into a giant meme.

“Uptown funk gonna give it to you . . . “

26. And when Rakhi Sawant gave us the catchphrase of the year.

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