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15 Times Indian Newspapers Messed Up In 2015

"I'd love to lay Indira Gandhi."

1. When Mumbai Mirror turned the International Space Station into a militant extremist group.

2. When The Times of India decided to give this deadly gangster a pet name.

3. When Hindustan Times made the worst mixup while captioning this photo.

4. When no one knew why The Telegraph published this headline with custom Emojis.

5. When The Times of India didn't know how selfies work.

6. When Gomantak made this unfortunate typo.

7. When The Times of India undervalued this business deal by just a tad.

8. When Hindustan Times declared Chelsea the champions of the wrong tournament.

9. When a stray Emoji found its way into a serious Times of India article.

10. When HT Brunch pissed off a lot of people by being transphobic in this article about makeup tips.

11. When The Times of India forgot how to math while calculating India's win percentage.

12. When Economic Times made this headline boob.

13. When The Times of India decided that dead rats could scurry.

14. When The Times of India liked a paragraph so much, they printed it twice.

15. And when The Times of India published the longest and worst headline of all time.

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