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Who Was Your First Same-Sex Crush?

"I owe a lot to the photos from Marky Mark's 1991 Calvin Klein underwear campaign."

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1. Marky Mark

"Remember when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark, the rapper and Calvin Klein model? Oh, I do. I cut out one of the magazine ads featuring him in those white boxer briefs and kept it hidden in between the pages of a children's book about Greek mythology. I held onto the photo for a couple of years, I think, even traveled with it when I'd stay with my grandma in Memphis for the summer." —Saeed Jones

2. Robin Givens

Paramount Pictures

"The first woman I ever had a crush on was Robin Givens. There was a scene in the movie Boomerang where she shows up at Eddie Murphy's character's house wearing a trench coat and nothing but lingerie beneath it. I rewound the scene with her opening that coat at least 20 times. It was the first time I remember thinking, I don't want to be like her, I want to touch her. All over." —Ashley Ford

3. The Blue Power Ranger

"Although I didn't know it at the time, Billy the Blue Power Ranger was my first celebrity crush. Blue was my favorite color. and he was the hero I wanted to grow up to be — nothing too sexual. At the time he just looked nerdy and handsome, but taking a look at Billy now that I'm older, I realize he's just a '90s porn star with glasses. He's definitely responsible for all of my crushes on dorky boys." —Myles Tanzer


4. Emmy Rossum

Warner Brothers

"Emmy Rossum in the 2004 film version of The Phantom of the Opera made me sweaaaaaty when I was 13. She sang like an angel, she somehow got away with wearing essentially lacy lingerie for half the movie even though it was supposed to be late 19th-century France (WHATEVER, just roll with it!), and she had, like, the best hair I've ever seen. Whoa, I just opened up Google image search for an image and got all shaky. Girl's still got it." —Julia Pugachevsky

5. Harvey Kinkle


"My fabulously ill-advised first crush was Sabrina the Teenage Witch's Harvey Kinkle (played by Nate Richert.) He was the epitome of the hapless straight boy. The boy-next-door jock with a soft caramel center. Looking back on his floppy hair and goofy smile, I'm embarrassed about it, but at the time he cast more of a spell on me than his magical girlfriend ever did." —Chris Emslie

6. Jessica Rabbit

Touchstone Pictures

"My first same-sex crush was Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I didn't know why, but whenever she came on screen I felt like I needed to cross my legs. I spent many a night thinking about her (particularly the scene where she was tied up, hanging over "the dip"). I had no clue what that feeling meant or what, if anything I could do about it. Do I like girls? Do I like cartoons? Do I like bondage? Do I just have to pee? SO confusing..." —Emily Kagan Trenchard

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Twentieth Century Fox / Paramount Pictures

"I remember watching Titanic and falling in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. I was 10. I made my mom buy me one of those Leonardo DiCaprio picture books. On a recent trip home I rediscovered this large book filled with pics of Leo (and promptly packed it in my suitcase to bring it back to NYC). I asked my mom if she remembered me wanting the book so badly. She replied, 'It was one of my first big clues.'" —Quincey Smith


8. Claire Huxtable


"I had big feelings for Claire Huxtable. Nine-year-old me quaked a little when the channel flipped to her. She was stern, smart, and um, hot. The look in her eye was precise, yet dreamy. She was no-nonsense and right on. Honest and a flame. Oo wee!" —Shira Erlichman

9. Erik von Detten

"Erik von Detten was my gay childhood dream: He played the older brother in the 1997 film adaptation of Leave It to Beaver, and — in my 7-year-old eyes — seemed like a true California man, even though he was only 15, and I had no idea what a California man even was. Then, he matured enough to become a legit love interest as the object of Anne Hathaway's affection in The Princess Diaries, which meant I not only got a movie about princesses, but a movie featuring my beautiful, long-haired hunklet. In conclusion, putting a babe-in-training in Leave It to Beaver and The Princess Diaries is the quickest way to let a 7-year-old know he's probably gay." —Matt Bellassai

10. Dana Scully

20th Century Fox Studios

"When I was a tween/teen I used to watch The X-Files with my sister. Of course I had a huge crush on Mulder and I shipped the heck out of them, but I found myself attracted to the incomparable and unflappable Dr. Dana Scully as well. I mean, she was a sarcastic and skeptical redheaded genius — what wasn't to love? I didn't really overthink it or worry about it. I honestly figured it was pretty normal to find attractive people attractive." —Cates Holderness

11. Prince Eric

Walt Disney Pictures

"My first same-sex crush was Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. I was about 6 or so, and he made me want to be Ariel so fucking badly! Well, even more than I already wanted to be. Also, I think that I liked that he seemed to like redheads." —Deron Fetz


12. Kyle Chandler

CBS Productions

"Long before he was Coach Carter (or whatever, I never watch Friday Night Lights because I don't even like pretend football), Kyle Chandler was my first crush. I fell head-over-heels in love with him in the show Early Edition, where he got tomorrow's newspaper today. I don't know what did it for me...the deep voice? The dead and unassuming eyes? Or maybe just because he looked really good getting out of bed every morning to get the newspaper and saving the world. I didn't know that what I felt was attraction, I didn't know what sex was, so it never crossed my mind, but I loved him. That was when I first knew that I liked guys. It wasn't until a few years later that I learned liking guys made me gay. Still, he will always be my first love." —Kyle Akerman

13. Michelle Pfeiffer

Paramount Pictures

"When I first set eyes on Stephanie Zinone (Michelle Pfeiffer) in Grease 2, I was smitten. I fell in love with her smile, her unabashed hamburger consumption, and her very sexy all-black ensembles. I really cannot tell you how many times I watched 'Cool Rider.' Because I don't know how to count that high." —Jaimie Etkin

14. Scott Wolf

Rysher Enterainment

"Scott Wolf — first on Party of Five, but my love was truly born in The Evening Star. There was just something so ineffably perfect about him. It made total sense why they'd put his super-short underwear scene in every single trailer for that god-awful movie. His cheekbones were as defined as his abs, and don't even get me started on the time he played Jay Mohr's boyfriend in Go. I spent way too much time thinking about Scott saying 'throat up' during his BJ retraining monologue. And the fact he hasn't aged a day blows my mind." —Jarett Wieselman

15. Gambit


"I think one of my first same-sex crushes was Gambit from the X-Men. I was always jealous of Rogue for being the object of his affection. I remember having my mom buy me two of the same Gambit action figures for me just in case one broke." —Ian Carlos Crawford


16. Angelia Jolie

Paramount Pictures

"How good it was to be a girl who liked girls in the heyday of Angelina Jolie films: Gia, Foxfire, Girl, Interrupted. I slept with a poster of her tacked above my bed (much to my mother's dismay). When a life-size promo cutout of Lara Croft arrived at my friend's retail job, she stole it and surprised me with it for my birthday." —Courtney Gillette

17. Ryu

"My first same-sex crush was easily Ryu from the Street Fighter II video games. I ended playing a lot of Super Street Fighter II mostly because I enjoyed seeing his muscles ripple in the opening scene. He's the first guy whose fireballs I definitely wanted in me." —Chris L.

18. Nick Carter

Scott Gries / Getty Images Entertainment

"My first long-term same-sex crush was definitely on Nick Carter (LMAO). I used to listen to my sister's copy of the Backstreet Boys' debut album on my parent's CD player in their bedroom. I was maybe around 6 or 7 years old at the time and used to lip-synch the songs and pretend to be one of the band members... Where my parents were and how they never walked in on this truly embarrassing habit is truly a mystery." —David Bertozzi

19. Alex Mack

"My first-grader feelings toward Alex Mack from The Secret World of Alex Mack were not as platonic as I thought back then. She just exuded coolness, with that backwards cap and those overalls. Plus, she was a total rebel girl, turning into a pile of slime and sneaking into places. Swoon." —Zoe Schlanger


20. Amelia Earhart

Topical Press Agency / Hulton Archive

"I saw a black-and-white photograph of Amelia Earhart in an encyclopedia as a kid. I was probably 9 or 10 and I thought, Whoa. WHOA. Maybe I want to be a pilot?" —Meg Day

21. Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles

David Livingston / Getty Images Entertainmen

"As a 12-year-old, I had no idea why I thought Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles was the coolest human being on the planet, but I did know I wanted to be best friends with her and kiss her. It was the first time my brain made the connection between the fluttery feelings I had been having over boys and the fluttery feeling I got when looking at women — especially when she does the big side-eye in the 'Walk Like an Egyptian' video. I saw her years later in a sushi place in L.A. and had to physically stop myself from squealing that I was probably the only person who had ever rented the movie she starred in (The All Nighter) weekly from Family Video. Even now, every time I hear a Bangles song I get a smile on my face." —Tanya Melendez

22. Liu Kang

"I got really good at Mortal Kombat because my parents let me keep my Super Nintendo and a TV in my room. The only person I wasn't very good at beating was Liu Kang because of my lifelong weakness for melodramatic pale guys with dark hair. If you let the opening screen sit long enough, it would cycle through still photos of all of the characters. I would stay up really late sometimes cycling through all of the characters so I could stare at him all sweaty, shirtless, and vengeful. I pretended to be Kitana and we were dating." —Ralph Hardesty

23. Samira Wiley

Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment

"On Tumblr, underneath a picture of Samira Wiley from Orange Is the New Black, one of the commenters wrote: 'I don't care what sexual orientation you are, we are all aroused by this woman here.' And I went, OH MY GOD, SO I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE?!?! I have no clue what it is, but that woman is magnetic." —Driadonna Roland

24. Doogie Howser

"When Doogie Howser, M.D., premiered on September 19, 1989, something happened. Not yet aware of exactly how gay I am, I decided to record every episode. On VHS. I'm not sure I knew why I was rooting for Vinnie — his best friend — and not Wanda — his girlfriend — but I was. Over the course of those four seasons, though, I did realize that I was gay — and that Neil Patrick Harris had become my first same-sex crush." —Chris Geidner