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    This Politician Has The Most Savage Twitter Account Ever

    Give these tweets some RTs like Norm tosses Ls to haters.

    This is Norm Kelly: Toronto City Councillor, 6Dad, and living legend.

    Although Norm is 75 years old, he tweets like a teenager.

    In fact, his tweets are so great, they belong in a museum.

    1. When he literally kicked someone out of a city for having beef with Drake.

    You're no longer welcome in Toronto, @MeekMill.


    Same, TBH.

    2. When he gave us the ~true tea~ on the hug emoji.

    They better fix the hug emoji, too. 🤗 is embarrassing.


    3. When he was not, in fact, James Caan.

    No, I didn't play the dad in Elf.



    4. That time he read us for not doing the bare minimum.

    Has everyone made their New Year's resolution that they'll keep for a week?


    This was an @ me.

    5. When he knew when to give credit to a #robbedlegend.

    6. When he knew what season it was.

    Cuffing season is here, folks.


    King of knowledge.

    7. ...and when he also knew the proper fashion etiquette for said seasons.

    I refuse to put on a winter jacket in October. I rather freeze.


    Dying for fashion? Legends only.

    8. That time when he had a wrong opinion, but he's the 6Dad, so it's OK.

    Onion rings are better. #NationalFrenchFryDay


    We can't be right all the time.

    9. That time he literally ROASTED an entire city.

    To all the Cleveland fans in my mentions: You live there and I live in here you go.…


    10. When he taught us that crocs are the universal sign of bad parenting.

    Parents that make their kids wear crocs should be reported to children's aid.


    Me: *calls them to report on several families*

    11. When he taught us to have confidence.

    Know your worth. Then add tax.


    12. When he wanted to end the man bun.

    Haven't seen any men sporting buns on the top of their head lately. This is good. Maybe the fad is over.


    RIP the man.

    13. When he gave Twitter a FREE idea, and they didn't take it.

    Idea: @Twitter gives us italic font to use when tweeting something sarcastic.


    14. When he told us to stop playing games.

    Subtweeting is for the weak. Put that @ symbol in front of the name.


    15. When he taught us that the best complaining was no complaining.

    Fun fact: If you don't constantly complain about the rain, the people around you won't get annoyed by you complaining about the rain.


    This is also an @ me.

    16. When he shaded Madonna twice in the same tweet because she made fun of Drake.

    Poor @Drake can't get a break. Not only did he have to endure a kiss from @Madonna, he also has to hear her complain.


    17. When he roasted Justin Bieber.

    Let's play some Justin Bieber. #RuinThePartyIn5Words


    Justin is still shaking from this.

    18. When he asked the ~real~ questions.

    Why is she selling seashells by the seashore? We can get them for free by walking along the seashore. This is why you need a business plan.


    19. When he REAAAAALLLLLY stanned Drake (while talking about how hot it was outside).


    The city is urging those who plan on purchasing #VIEWS to make sure your fire alarm is operational.


    I mean, Drake is fire.

    21. When he fought against sleep.


    Norm Kelly invented the meta.

    22. When he taught us how to eat ice cream in ~style~.


    There's a shirt with this image on it that he sell, but it's sold out. RIP me.

    23. When he was all of us when it comes to group projects.

    24. When he decided not to give into or*nge soda culture.


    We've decided to fully stan ginger ale.

    25. When he wanted an old-fashioned ~lewk~ to come back.

    26. When he knew he was a daddy^TM.

    What will my notifications look like on Father's Day?



    27. When he wrote a Twitter letter to a rapper to save multiple Toronto athletes' careers.

    Dear @LILBTHEBASEDGOD, Please bless all Toronto sports teams. Let us only see wins from now on. Your friend, Norm


    28. When he tried to put a new law in effect. Justin Trudeau who?

    Eating a burger with a fork and knife should be illegal.


    Me: *flies to Canada to start the campaign for him to run as Prime Minister*

    29. When he gave us the blueprint for being ~thrifty~.

    REMINDER: Easter Candy will be on sale a week from now. Resist til then.


    30. When he cared about his followers.

    What's everyone having for lunch?


    Barbz, Beyhive, and Little Monsters are shook over this man's care for his fans.

    31. And when he used his stanning of Drake as a reason to convince his followers not to drink and drive.

    Also, you can't stream More Life from jail...

    "Buy More Life on iTunes." —Norm probably.