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    John Mayer Revealed His Third Nipple Last Night And It's An Important Moment In Our History

    A "world-exclusive."

    We all know that when Andy Cohen and John Mayer hang out it's iconic/legendary.

    Well, something legendary/iconic happened last night.

    For example, John Mayer revealed his third nipple last night.

    Yep, it happened on John's Instagram Live on the first episode of his IG show "Current Mood" — which John said he's trying to get people to write about.

    After talking with Andy, John decided his plan was to reveal his third nipple as a "world exclusive."

    Here it is:

    Andy loved it.

    And got to touch it:

    It was an all-around important moment of American history.

    Congrats on your third nipple and your first "Current Mood" write-up, John!