17 Times Celebs Handled Their Beef With Each Other Face-To-Face

    "To be honest, Naomi, I'm fearful of you to this day." — Tyra

    1. When Mariah Carey called out Sandra Bernhard to her face on Andy Cohen's radio show:

    2. When Lady Gaga and Madonna took this feud-ending picture after Gaga's Oscar win:

    3. When Tyra Banks invited Naomi Campbell on her show to hash out their 14-year feud:

    4. When Oprah and David Letterman talked out their 20-year feud in a 2013 interview:

    5. When Kathy Griffin and Barbara Walters addressed their feud on The View, and Kathy encouraged Barbara to hit her:

    6. And when Cher finally told David Letterman why she never wanted to do his show:

    7. When Taylor Swift and Katy Perry became friends by making cookies together:

    8. When 50 Cent and Oprah talked about their feud face-to-face:

    9. And when Iyanla Vanzant addressed — and apologized for — her falling out with Oprah while on her show:

    10. When Diddy and Wendy Williams mutually put their feud behind them on Wendy's show:

    11. And when Lee Daniels addressed the elephant in the room during his Wendy interview.

    12. When Caitlyn Jenner confronted Kris Jenner after Kris did not invite her to Kylie's graduation.

    13. When Chanel West Coast called out Charlamagne for calling her a bad rapper:

    14. And when Omarion and Charlamagne talked about their beef and then things got heated:

    15. When Nicki Minaj and Cardi B handled their feud and — well, we know how that went:

    16. When James Charles and Jeffree Star collaborated after some YouTube beef:

    17. And last but not least, when Nicki Minaj confronted Miley, after Miley had talked badly about her to the press: