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    I Broke Down Everything You Didn't Notice In THAT Katy Perry–Taylor Swift Instagram

    We broke it all the way down.

    You probably saw that last night, Katy Perry Instagrammed a plate of cookies and tagged Taylor Swift.

    Well, I'm not sure if you're a die-hard fan, a casual fan, or if you just love drama. Either way, here's everything you may or may not have noticed in this picture. It's important, OK?


    1. The caption:

    "Feels good" aka feels good that these two are making up!

    2. The tag:

    Tagging Taylor. Iconic. Leaves no room for debate who this is about.

    3. The location:

    Let's Be Friends — which is definitely not a place — is the location. It's in capital letters led some to think this is the name of an upcoming collab.

    4. "PEACE AT LAST":

    This one's obvious. It's the end of their feud officially.

    5. Red letters:

    Could be a reference to "Bad Blood," Taylor's alleged diss track about Katy. Who knows?

    6. The countertop:, Twitter: @nrnsmyth

    This is Taylor's counter! Taylor didn't send her cookies — IT LOOKS LIKE they made them together!

    7. The snake:

    A reference to Taylor's Reputation era.

    8. The Palo Santo:

    Palo Santo is a wood used to cleanse negative energy, like their past issues!

    9. Taylor liked:

    10. Taylor commented:

    Thirteen hearts because she's Taylor Swift and that's her number.

    11. The orange heart:,

    Taylor recently used an orange heart emoji, which based on her newest single, seems to be the color of Katy's new era. Collab soon? PLEASE.

    12. The number of cookies:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe there are 21 cookies.... June 21st is a Friday ARE TAYLOR SWIFT AND KATY PERRY RELEASING A SINGLE CALLED LETS BE FRIENDS JUNE 21ST????

    Maybe they're releasing something June 21? Or in 21 days????

    13. And finally, this isn't in Katy's actual Instagram. BUT, now fans have noticed that Katy and Taylor may have been hanging out all this time. In a previous Insta story, it looks like Katy was in the guitars-on-the-wall room where Taylor wrote "King of My Heart."

    Holdddd uppppppp this looks all too familiar

    Ugh, here's to forgiveness, their friendship, and PLEASE a collab. Bye!


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