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    Pete Davidson Has Covered Up His Ariana Grande Tattoo With The Word "CURSED"

    Oh no.

    Obviously, you know that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were once engaged.

    Well, before they started dating, Ariana had a tattoo that said, "mille tendresse," which is French for "a thousand tendernesses."

    A few months into their engagement, Pete got a matching one:

    Well since then, there's been a breakup, SNL moments, "thank u, next," and a lot of other drama between the two.

    And so, Pete has decided to get the tattoo covered with the word "CURSED" and a new Tootsie Pop owl tattoo, according to tattoo artist Jon Mesa's Instagram.

    From a thousand tenderness to CURSED...


    I mean, who knows what type of drama this will bring. But he has the right to cover it up if he wants! And the owl looks good! That's all, bye.