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9 Super-Awkward Moments From The 2022 People's Choice Awards

Even Lisa Rinna said it was awkward AF.

The People's Choice Awards can be hit or miss. This year, it was kind of an Award Show Lite situation with a couple awkward moments. Here were some of the best:

1. For starters, a lot of A-listers and winners were absent — including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Harry Styles, and more.

2. Chrishell Stause slammed People's Choice Awards after the show for not letting her bring a plus-one:

I am on the sauce a bit so I will prob regret this later. BUT people’s choice didn’t allow me to bring my partner to the awards. I could ONLY bring a plus 1 if it was a cast member. Wtf Sure this means I will never be nominated again but honestly fu

Twitter: @Chrishell7

EVERY single cast member invited and some had plus ones. I was nominated for best realty star and yet they said NO. Again fu

Twitter: @Chrishell7

3. Lisa Rinna admitted that attending the award show with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast was "fucking awkward":

4. In fact, Sutton Stracke shaded Rinna on the carpet:

Sutton’s face says it all 🤭 #rhobh


5. Kathy Hilton awkwardly applied lip gloss during Mariska Hargitay's acceptance speech:

Kathy Hilton is really that bitch. #PCAs #PeoplesChoiceAwards

NBC Twitter: @DanDanoDeege

6. Khloé Kardashian went MIA for a second when it was time for her and Kris to accept their award:

7. Kelly Clarkson's mic was a little too high for her:

8. In the middle of the award show, they had this awkward Family Feud segment with the Beverly Hills women???

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9. And lastly, Ryan Reynolds had an adorably awkward reaction to Shania Twain calling him out in her song "That Don't Impress Me Much":

I can’t think of a more iconic, smart and beautiful person to not impress all that much. Thank you for an amazing night, @ShaniaTwain ❤️


An odd show, for sure. What was your fav moment? Let me know in the comments below!