"Beyond Tacky And Rude": Kathy Hilton Is Being Called Out For Applying Lipstick And Visibly Sighing During Mariska Hargitay's Emotional Acceptance Speech At The People's Choice Awards

    "How extraordinarily rude."

    Reality star and fashion designer Kathy Hilton is facing backlash over her "extraordinarily rude" behavior at last night's People's Choice Awards.

    Kathy had been on stage with the rest of the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to present the award for Drama TV Star of 2022 — which ended up going to Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order: SVU.

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    As Mariska came up and began her speech, Kathy figured she'd touch up her makeup, removing a lipstick from her clutch and then reapplying it directly in front of the camera.

    She then let out a visible sigh as Mariska continued to talk through her speech.

    Viewers were outraged:

    Beyond tacky and rude #KathyHilton #PeopleChoiceAwards #RHOBH https://t.co/8DxExBPX0l

    Twitter: @jaymichaels13 / NBC

    Kathy Hilton putting on lipstick while someone gives an emotional acceptance speech is disrespectful. #KathyHilton #PCAs

    Twitter: @Mikkey718 / NBC

    Kathy Hilton disrespect Mariska by looking for something in her purse while she was talking. That's fucked up. #PCAs

    Twitter: @susan1RRmoxfan

    #PeoplesChoiceAwards Kathy Hilton reapplying lipstick while on stage during #mariskahargitay heartfelt thank you speech is the epitome of rude and shows she is so full of herself.

    Twitter: @antroe

    How extraordinarily rude @KathyHilton. I cannot believe I (and every other viewer) just watched you apply lipstick, blot at it and SIGH in the middle of Mariska Hargitay’s @peopleschoice award acceptance speech. Doesn’t get any more self-absorbed than that. Shame on you.

    Twitter: @itsle_bay

    Donald Trump's buddy, #KathyHilton, keeps showing us who she is. Can't we just acknowledge that she's an entitled, mean-spirited, self-involved, shitty Trumper Republican jerk? C'mon, #RHOBH fans. Acknowledge who she is. https://t.co/LmM8ojvfPK

    Twitter: @RealMattHopkins / NBC

    @KathyHilton Did you just take out your lipgloss during Mariska's acceptance speech?! It was bad enough you couldn't scoot your ass out of the shot! How rude!

    Twitter: @TeressaMGrant3

    Could @KathyHilton be anymore rude??? Let’s not put on lipstick and look so bored when someone is giving a speech. #PCAs

    Twitter: @SplitPDC

    Did @KathyHilton forget she was standing on stage on live tv.. her lipstick had to be touched up! How true entitlement ones act! #PCAs

    Twitter: @JenL74494212

    Does Kathy Hilton realise the camera is still on her? 💀 #PeoplesChoiceAwards #RHOBH

    Twitter: @mattygalea_ / NBC

    Kathy Hilton is the most unserious bitch ever I’m having a HOLLER https://t.co/qiVNwaw5Xi

    Twitter: @ayannasknotless / NBC

    Kathy Hilton fixing her lipstick during this lady’s speech is so—- #PCAs

    Twitter: @202NATALIEE

    Kathy Hilton just got in her purse, pulled out a lipstick & freshened her lipstick right in front of Mariska Hargitays acceptance speech. TACKY #PeoplesChoiceAwards #peopleschoice #Mariska #KathyHilton

    Twitter: @cdoobie1

    So far, Kathy hasn't commented on any of this, but we'll let you know if she does!