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People Are Sharing How Much Money They Actually Make, And I Love The Transparency

BRB for a psychologist for the feds??

Recently, I wrote a post about people sharing their job titles and exact salaries. I love the transparency of it all, and so did our BuzzFeed Community. Commenters came through and shared their own jobs and salaries.

Here's what they said:

1. "I work for an authorized retailer for Verizon, and I make around $40,000/year."


2. "I have 13 years of public school teaching experience at the elementary level in an urban school district in the Northeast. I have a Master's degree, plus additional credits (every 15 credits moves me into a new pay lane). Base salary is $112,000. I get stipends from taking on some extra responsibilities at school, so I'll be at $120,000 this year and still have more lanes to attain."


an employee in a cell phone store

3. "I work on the donor database for a large, regional, hunger-relief nonprofit. I pull in $44,500/year and they took away bonuses for non-exempt employees."


4. "I’m a third-year electrical apprentice and make $42/hr, with employer paid retirement and medical for myself and family. (Union). My husband is an electrician and makes $60/hr, same benefits. We usually do $220,000 a year."


5. "I’m a sighted teacher, teaching blind adults technology. Been there and only 19 years and make $19/hour."


a teacher helping a student read brail

6. "I’m an office manager of dental practice in Washington state and I make $73,500."


7. "Cybersecurity consulting manager $230,000/year plus bonus 100% remote."


8. "Home appliances sales — commission only. Last year, I made $125,000/year."


a salesman in front of washers

9. "I'm a psychologist and I work for the feds. $172,000/year, plus health and dental, a pension, health savings account, and education debt reduction."


10. "Self-employed personal trainer, and I made $60,000/year in 2021 doing mostly remote sessions."


a woman doing yoga virtually

11. "Chronic conditions health coach for insurance companies. I have a bachelors in public health, work entirely remotely, and I make $47,000/year."


12. "ER/ICU vet tech with college degree and 12 years experience, yet I make $35,000/year."


two vets techs help a dog with a cone onto a table

13. "I’m an exotic dancer in a West Virginia town. I average $300 on an eight-hour shift (3 days a week) and make anywhere from $43,500–$55,000/year."


14. "I’m a receiver at a Walmart DC make $32/hr."


15. "Freelance writer. Made $201,000 in 2021, but it’s usually lower than that. No benefits, obviously."


a person taking notes while sitting at their desk

16. "I’m a wild land firefighter and I make $49,000/year. I usually work 1,000 hours of overtime during the summer which brings me to $80,000/year."


Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

Responses edited for length/clarity.