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People Are Sharing How Much Money They Actually Make, And It's Super Eye-Opening

"I'm a librarian, and I pull in only about $12,800 annually."

Recently, I wrote a post about people sharing their job titles and exact salaries. I love the transparency of it all, and so did our BuzzFeed Community. Commenters came through and shared their own jobs and salaries.

A tax form's what they said:

1. Mid-level US diplomat:

"I make $110,000 per year. We have housing taken care of overseas, but salary doesn't go far in D.C. Also, almost impossible for our spouses to have careers since we move every 2–3 years all over the world."


2. Mail carrier:

"I’m a mail carrier for the inner city. I make $70,100 and with overtime, I took home $150,000."


3. Electrician:

"I'm an electrician in New York. I make $114,000/year and made over $250,000 this year with overtime."


Workers fixing electric lines

4. City employee receptionist:

"I make $19/hour for being a city employee receptionist in Florida."


5. Literature professor:

"I make $72,000 as a second-year literature professor at a small public university in the Northeast. I make an additional $10,000 to teach in the summer. Great benefit package and annual raises of 2% (though I get a sizable increase on my base salary when I get tenure)."


A college classroom of students being taught by three people

6. Music teacher:

"I live in Massachusetts and make $99,000, including stipends for afterschool groups and learning sessions. It's my 23rd year there."


7. Steam plant/boiler fielder:

"I make $100,000/year as a steam plant/boiler fielder in an industrial mill."


Steam plant

8. Pharmacy technician at an insurance company:

"I make $57,000 a year, with $2,000 in bonuses."


9. Claims adjuster:

"$65,000 after almost four years in the industry."


10. Licensed professional counselor:

"$33,000 a year. I have a master’s degree, and I’m a sneeze away from finishing my PhD."


A counselor talking to a patient

11. Boutique agency recruiter:

"I'm on track to make $190,000 in 2022 and have a bachelor's degree and five years of experience."


12. Pharmacy technician:

"I have six years in the field and make $41,000."


13. Customer service representative:

"I do call center customer service for the restaurant industry. I work from home permanently, full benefits, paid holidays/vacations, bonuses and base pay is $50,000/year. I'm entry level and just started 90 days ago. I have no college degree."


A call center worker smiles

14. Middle school teacher:

"I make $41,000/year."


15. Panda Express general manager:

"I'm a Panda Express general manager in Washington state. $210,000 this year."


Fast food workers at a buffet

16. High school math teacher in Japan:

"High school mathematics teacher in Japan. I take home $36,000 after taxes. Healthcare is covered. We work 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., six days a week. 'Summer Holiday' is spent creating lesson content."


17. Librarian:

"I'm in a rural Southern state, and I pull in only about $12,800 annually."


So now it's your turn (if you feel comfortable)! Let me know in the comments below what your job title is and how much money you make doing so.

Responses edited for length/clarity.