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People Are Really Up To No Good With This New Snapchat Filter And I'm Dying

It's a lot.

So, Snapchat recently rolled out its new filters. There's one that adds traditionally female features, and there's one that adds traditionally male features. People are living for it.

This guy made a Tinder account.

And so did this guy:

Used the Snapchat filter on tinder for 30 minutes, and in conclusion I hate men.

This person turned George from Seinfeld into a woman:

This guy flexed like this:

This new filter got you females hating on us

This girlfriend tricked her boyfriend:

Why my girl always playing with these Snapchat filters 😑😂

This guy turned into Anne Hathaway:

And this girl turned into human Shrek:

That new Snapchat filter made me look like human shrek I’m calling the police

This girl turned into her brother:

So I put the snapchat guy filter on and now i’m my brother

Miley Cyrus turned into a Jonas Brother:

Umm why did Snapchat turn me into @joejonas? It’s our brows?

This guy is getting DMs now:


And the filter already has already inspired some memes too:

when u find out she was just your homie with a snapchat filter

When guys try the new snapchat filter and realised that they are better looking as girls

All of us using the girl snapchat filter be like

Ok, go have fun with this new filter, y'all!