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Carrie Underwood Losing Entertainer Of The Year Is Sparking A Conversation About Women In Country Music

The ceremony honored legendary women.

This week, the CMAs honored legendary women in country music.

Singer Jennifer Nettles echoed the ceremony's theme with her dress, which urged country radio to play more women's records.

Because of the night's focus on the incredible women in country music, it shocked some that Garth Brooks won the night's most prestigious award of Entertainer of the Year.

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In 53 years, only seven women have won the honor, one person pointed out.

Garth Brooks won Entertainer of the Year at the #CMAawards, so there's still no country (music association) for women. Only 7 female acts have won in 53 years:

Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, and Barbara Mandrell and Taylor Swift; both won twice.

This year, Carrie Underwood was the only nominee among four men (Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban, and Eric Church).

People expressed their disappointment that the award didn't go to Carrie Underwood.

There’s your answer about women in country. The top category has four men and one woman. That woman worked her ass off with an insane album and tour, and Garth Brooks won. Holler at me when the #CMAAwards gets out of the 90s.

@justinkirkland4 @BAMOK They celebrated women all night except when it came to the actual awards. Disappointing. #CMAawards

@justinkirkland4 This is appalling to me personally because 90% of the new country I get into is female/female-led artists. They're doing so much!

"You have a long way to go, country music," one person said.

It's bad enough that @carrieunderwood was the ONLY woman nominated for Entertainer of the year at the @cma awards, but to lose to Garth Brooks?? Did I wake up in 1990? Am I missing something? You have a long way to go Country Music... smh #CarrieWasRobbed

garth: plays 10 shows carrie: goes on a worldwide tour garth: wins entertainer of the year #CMAawards

ONE comment on Carrie Underwood and the #CMAawards: if she couldn't get votes for EOTY after the massive numbers, stats + mainstream reach that she has then no woman will ever be able to win EOTY again. Sad precedent. That Cry Pretty tour looked kinda epic. And Garth Brooks? LOL.

"My heart is still broken," one person said this morning.

My heart is still broken from Wednesday night I'm I going to get over it probably not. Carrie Underwood had a incredible year and I don't know why Garth Brooks won it. It feels like @CountryMusic don't care about the women in country music.

Do you think Carrie should have won? Let me know in the comments below!