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    Jennifer Nettles Of Sugarland Arrived At The CMA Awards With A Powerful Message On Her Dress

    The theme of the night was honoring legendary country women.

    You obviously know Jennifer Nettles from the country band Sugarland.

    She's an amazing vocalist and responsible for the iconic bop "Stuck Like Glue."

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    Well, she arrived at the 2019 CMA Awards wearing a dress with a powerful message about male-dominated country radio.

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images

    Her dress — which according to People was designed by Christian Siriano with art by Alice Mizrachi — read, "PLAY OUR F*@#!N RECRODS! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!"

    John Shearer / WireImage,

    The back also said, "EQUAL PAY" with a drawing of a woman.

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images

    YES, Jennifer!

    John Shearer / WireImage,

    Play women's records, pay them equally, and get it together, country music. That's all, bye!


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