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Mel B Explained Why James Corden Is The Worst Celeb She's Ever Met

“So, there’s a few."

This week, Spice Girl icon Mel B appeared on The Big Narstie Show, where she definitely did not hold back.

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Channel 4 / The Big Narstie Show / Via youtube.com

The host asked her, "What is the biggest dickhead celebrity you have met?"

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“So, there’s a few — James Corden, [Spice Girl bandmate] Geri Halliwell, Jessie J and me,” she said.

Mel B on the show

She said she loves Geri, but "she's really fucking annoying."

Gerri on stage singing

And when asked about why she listed James, she said, "I think you always have to be nice to the people that you work with whether it be production, camera guys, sound, lighting."

James Cordon behind his desk

"We all work for the same thing, so you should always be nice and he hasn’t been very nice."

James on his show

This isn't the first time James has been called out. New York City restaurateur Keith McNally said on Instagram that James was "abusive" to his staff.

closeup of James

Mel B did not explain why she listed Jessie J, but I found this interview from 2019 where she called Jessie J "overrated."

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Heart / Via youtube.com

I personally think Jessie J is underrated???????

So, who knows what their beef is, but it looks like Mel B gives zero fucks about calling out various celebs.

closeup of Jessie J

What do y'all make of her comments? Let me know in the comments below!