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    Ireland Baldwin's Mom Commented On Her Thirst Trap And It's Basically Every Mom

    This would be my mother.

    Listen, we all love a good thirst trap every now and then. I post them, you post them, and, of course, model Ireland Baldwin posts them.


    The thing is: Her family all follows her on social media, so they often comment on these posts. Can you imagine??


    One time, her dad, Alec Baldwin, commented on this thirst trap:

    Another time, her dad AND her uncle commented on THIS thirst trap:

    So with Ireland's most recent pic β€” which she captioned "the type uh girl you take home 2 mother" β€” her mom commented.

    YUP! Ireland's mom, actor Kim Basinger, commented this:

    Kim said "Or you don't even bring her home to her own mother...after that.... [cursing emoji, red heart emoji]
    @irelandbasingerbaldwin / Via

    Honestly, my mom, your mom, or any mom on Instagram.


    And for the people who tried to make it deep and call out Kim for lightly teasing her daughter, Kim responded:

    @irelandbasingerbaldwin / Via

    And Ireland is here for it, too, so everyone dragging Kim can chill:

    Ireland responded with laughter
    @irelandbasingerbaldwin / Via

    So here's to thirst traps and mom comments. Bye!


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