Just 18 Brilliant Halloween Costumes From This Weekend

    They nailed it.

    Halloween is upon us, and the costumes this year absolutely did not disappoint. I recently shared some of my favorites, and I wanted to share some more. From celebrity costumes to memes to puns, here are some more of the best.

    1. Ariana Grande's Positions cover:

    switching’ the positions 4 you 💚 hbd positions

    Twitter: @jgrandeknowless

    2. The "She's so crazzzzzy!" meme:

    Twitter: @mfbenji

    3. The picture wall in LA:

    Who wants to take their picture with me?

    Twitter: @chrtucci

    4. Doris from Shrek:

    C minor put it in C minor ✨💫

    Twitter: @_yesgary / Via Dreamworks

    5. "Save the bees!" meme:

    Twitter: @andrewzigler

    6. The Showgirls poster:

    Twitter: @aguirreryan

    7. Agatha from WandaVision:

    Twitter: @thereidfeed

    8. Cynthia from Rugrats:

    Twitter: @Dopeboyfleek

    9. Tiffany Pollard and Flava Flav:

    Flo Milli being New York got me weak

    Twitter: @chuuzus / Via VH1

    10. Oy, Mista!

    Twitter: @anxiousdeluxe

    11. Lil Nas X:

    Look how I ate that! Halloween Lewk #1 @LilNasX

    Twitter: @wonza_johnson

    12. Britney Spears:

    Twitter: @keelytaylor / Via Kevin Kane / Getty Images

    13. The Mask:

    People were stopping me & asking for pics like I was really The Mask 😂

    Twitter: @missBeatriiz

    14. Miss Congeniality:

    That would be... harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan….& World Peace!

    Twitter: @idgajon

    15. Grizzly Bear from Animorphs series:

    @kaaauthor what do you think of our Halloween costume? 😁

    Twitter: @Mmm_it_me

    16. Nicole Kidman in the AMC Theatres commercial:

    Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.

    Twitter: @luketaylorgo / Via AMC / youtube.com

    17. Tai from Clueless:

    Twitter: @MarciaBelsky / Via Warner Bros.

    18. Zendaya and Tom Holland from Lip Sync Battle:

    Twitter: @ruewheeler

    Do you have an amazing costume? Show us via the Dropbox below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!