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It's Not Even Halloween Yet, But These People's Costumes Have Already Won

Legends slaying a bit early.

1. Jessica Rabbit:

I put my Halloween costume on a week early and was too excited to not share how it looked 😅😅

Twitter: @cutiepiesensei / Via @cutiepiesensei

2. Sae-byeok from Squid Game:

3. Kathy Hilton:

4. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox:

5. Captain America:

6. Paris Hilton:

7. Cruella de Vil:

8. Eustace, Muriel, and Courage the Cowardly Dog:

9. Mariah Carey in the "It's Like That" video:

Then chickens is ash and I’m lotion 🎶 #upoutmyface #itslikethay

Twitter: @we2hoes / Via @we2hoes

10. Dua Lipa:

Twitter: @cfree94 / Via @cfree94

11. Taylor Swift — "You Belong With Me" Tay:

Taylor & Dua (Zach & Chase’s version) (from the vault) -blessed Madonna remix

Twitter: @Zach__Frank / Via @zach__frank

12. Sidney from Scream:

13. Pinhead from Hellraiser:

14. Chowder:

woke up to a lot of people telling me how much they loved my chowder costume (: thought i'd share here too!

Twitter: @saladt0sser / Via @saladt0sser

15. Witch:

16. Kim Kardashian's Met Gala look:

17. Velma:

Whose costume was your fave? Let me know in the comments below!

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