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14 Suuuuper Awkward Moments From The Grammys

LOL @ Blue Ivy scolding Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

1. Lil Uzi Vert was asked what's next for him and he said eating Pop Tarts:

2. John Legend talked about getting a Japanese toilet that washes your butt and Chrissy Teigen reacted with this face:

3. Blue Ivy basically told her parents to settle down:

4. Giuliana Rancic kept mentioning she lives in Chicago:

5. Anna Kendrick's "Tiny Dancer" joke fell flat:

6. Cardi B said she had butterflies in her stomach and vagina when asked, "How are you?"

7. Camila Cabello squeezed her boobs mid-interview:

Camila Cabello discussing her successful album: "Having it out there in the world feels really good — hold on, I ha…

8. The E! reporters referred to Kesha's song as "Pray" instead of "Praying."

9. Tony Bennett wouldn't move out of the way to let Rihanna talk:

10. Artists were not happy for Ed Sheeran:

Everyone's reaction to E* winning. Kelly Clarkson laughing cause she's embarrassed for @RecordingAcad. LMFAOOOO


11. Camila Cabello met up with Nick Jonas, who she said she thought she was gonna kiss on NYE. Then she blew him kisses behind his back (?????)

.@Camila_Cabello with her mother... and @NickJonas on the #GRAMMYs red carpet!!


12. Hailee Steinfeld tried to do a country accent:

I'm dead at @HaileeSteinfeld attempting to do a country accent #GRAMMYs


13. Sarah Silverman said the world is basically over and everyone was like, "Ugh, yeah."

14. When James Cordon introduced the 44th Grammy president, but everyone got their hopes up that it was actually Barack Obama: